18 Signs You Have Definitely Found A New Best Friend

In the great words of Mindy Lahiri, “‘a best friend’ is a tier, not a person.” For some of you, it may just be one person, for others it could be a whole squad. The tipping point between when someone goes from being a regular friend to being a true best friend is hard to pinpoint, but there are definitely some clear signs that this person may be The One (or one of many, whatever). There’s no denying this is one of the most important relationships in your life, regardless if this friend sticks around forever. I still cherish my first best friends even though we aren’t that close anymore. It sounds super cheesy, I know, but if you’ve gone through the many stages of having a best friend and then losing that best friend, you know what I mean.

Best friends are those weird family-like not-family members who give you all the perks of having a sister (or brother) without any of the downsides. It’s a pretty sweet deal, not gonna lie. But, how do you know this person is your true ride or die? You don’t have that talk with a best friend the way you would with someone you’re dating. “What is this? Where is this going? What are your intentions?” There’s no formal discussion or making it Facebook official, but there are some definite signs that this person might be a little more seriously involved than just a regular friend. In case you weren’t sure if your friend is hedging into bestie territory, here are 18 signs that you definitely found a new best friend.

1) You just farted in front of her and she didn’t judge you.

Didn’t even flinch.


2) Your other close friends seem slightly annoyed by her existence, even if they won’t admit it.

You can always tell when you’re getting super close to someone if some of your other friends start to get a little bit jealous.


3) Hanging out no longer feels awkward at all – and you don’t need to do exciting things to have fun.

You know when you make a new friend and hanging out is a little awkward at first? That goes away when you guys become official BFFs. Oh, and doing something exciting? No need. No one does platonic non-sexual #NetflixAndChill quite like a bestie.


4) You can sit in silence next to each other and it’s not weird. 

If you can both sit there, scrolling through Instagram without speaking, and not feel strange about it, you’re golden.


5) They don’t judge you for the weird things you do.

All my real friends know I eat corn on the cob kernel by kernel and love me anyway.


6) They don’t judge you for your weird secret baggage either.

There comes a time when you tell a new friend something that you’re sure they’re going to run away from and they… *surprise* don’t.


7) You finally feel like someone understands how your brain works.

There’s no extra need to explain, they get it.


8) You joke back and forth so well you compare yourselves to Tina & Amy.

And you know who’s who and you don’t have to debate and decide.


9) You don’t even need to say that much in order to have a full conversation.

You’ve managed to strike that weird telepathic balance where they know what you mean without you having to be overly wordy about it.


10) They manage to catch your side eye any time something weird happens in class or when you’re out.

Nothing says friendship like hating the same stuff.


11) They aren’t afraid to tell you the cold hard truth.

Your ex sucks, you’re being sketchy, you need to have some water and sit down.


12) And you aren’t even mad when they do.

They literally have your best interest in mind. How could you ever get mad at someone telling you what you need to hear? If your parents told you that, you’d be mad, but somehow when your best friend tells you these things, it’s the absolute truth.


13) Your house is their house and their house is your house.

No need to knock. Hello, fridge. Yes, I know where the cups are, of course I’ll help myself.


14) You know random details about them other people don’t know.

And some of it is… strange.


15) You know they have your back no matter what.

There’s no underlying fear that they’re secretly shit talking you to someone else.


16) You guys get in stupid fights but then get over it and things go back to normal.

Weird, but fighting is actually a sign of a healthy relationship sometimes.


17) And they know when to give you space and time.

Just a quiet “I’m here if you need me text.” Not every issue in life needs direct intervention and some things are out of bounds for them to be able to help with – that’s fine. They don’t take it personally.


18) When you found out that you considered each other to be best friends, it low-key felt like someone you’re dating finally saying, “I love you.”

I said it one time and this person got so happy and jump hugged me, it was super sweet.

How did you know when your friend became your best friend? Was there a specific moment? What was it? Let us know in the comments!

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