7 Girls Give Advice On What To Do If Your Parents Catch You Masturbating

There are a lot of “taboo” subjects about sex. One of those topics we love to talk about at Gurl is masturbation. There are so many things to discuss! There are a few different ways to do it, a ton of different things you can use to help you out, and even people who think it can be addicting. It is completely normal and natural, and should be talked about more! But, some people can get uncomfortable talking about it, specifically… wait for it… your parents. Just like you don’t want to think of your parents as sexual beings, they don’t want to think of you that way either. Most parents won’t go out of their way to discuss solo sex with you, and you’ll be the same way with them. So what do you do if your parents catch you masturbating? GAAHHH. It’s a nightmare scenario!

A user on our boards, Bubblebear677 wanted to try to start watching porn, but she was hesitant because she didn’t want her parents to find out she masturbates. She wrote, “so, I masturbate daily,  I’ve been curious about watching porn but I am scared in case my parents go onto my laptop and finds out what I’ve been up to?” So, how do you keep masturbation a secret from your family? Do you even need to keep it a secret? For some reason, masturbation seems to be a touchy subject (pun intended), especially with parents. Some of out users weighed in on how to keep your private time more private (and keep your parents out of it).

Do you talk to your parents about sex and masturbation? How do they respond? Tell us int he comments!

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