7 Things You Didn’t Know Can Get You Expelled From College

Is plagiarism all that bad? Short answer: Yes, obviously. Long answer: Apparently not if you’re Melania Trump. Today’s big news is about Melania Trump, who gave an eloquent speech last night at the Republican National Convention to support her husband, Donald Trump. But late last night, a journalist realized that a solid chunk of Melania’s speech was taken basically word for word from Michelle Obama’s speech at the Democratic National Convention back in 2008.

Draaaaaaaaaaaama. Of course, the Trump camp is denying that anything is afoot instead of just owning up to a behind the scenes mess, and even more alarmingly, I’ve seen several commentators on Twitter and elsewhere saying that what happened wasn’t really plagiarism. New Jersey Governor (and arguable Trump lap dog) Chris Christie even said that it wasn’t plagiarism because it was only seven percent plagiarized. That’s funny, and not just because he seemed to pull those numbers out of his butt. It’s funny because if you ever turned in a paper that was seven percent plagiarized in college, you would be 100 percent expelled.

Oh, wait, that’s not that funny. It’s…pretty serious.

College students get away with a lot, some in more disturbing ways than others. But don’t be fooled: People get kicked out of college for all sorts of things that you wouldn’t get kicked out of high school for. Check out these seven surprising ways you can get expelled from college, and make sure you avoid them.

Getting Bad Grades

In high school, getting bad grades might hold you back a grade, or require you to retake a course. Similarly, in college, if you flunk out of a class (usually receiving a D or lower), you'll have to retake the course. But if your overall GPA is super low, you could be put on academic probation. If your grades don't improve over an allotted amount of time, you can get expelled from your college all together. Yikes.



Like I said in the intro, plagiarism doesn't work in percentages, especially not in college. I doubt there's a single college that doesn't state, in its code of conduct, that plagiarism is grounds for expulsion. There are even software programs that your professor might use to check for plagiarism, so don't think you can outsmart them. Just to make sure you're avoiding plagiarism (sometimes it happens on accident), there are plagiarism scanners online that you can use.

Clarissa Explains It All

Cheating On A Test

You'd get in big trouble for cheating in high school, maybe even suspended. But in college? Again, like plagiarism, you could be expelled in a hot second. Just...keep your eyes on your own damn paper, girl. If you crammed and you're still unprepared, take your L like a champ and try again next time.


Getting Into Trouble On Or Off Campus

Yeah, so, it's pretty safe to say that the entire Spring Breakers crew would be subject to potential expulsion by their schools. Yep, even if it was off campus! Of course, on campus mischief can also be grounds for expulsion as well--harassment, assault, frat hazing--but don't think you're safe just because you get in trouble off campus grounds.

Spring Breakers

Selling Or Doing Drugs

Drugs are everywhere at college--from pot, to coke, to Adderall--and most people don't get in trouble for it. It's also worth noting that a school might take something like, say, cocaine more seriously than pot. But there are instances in which people do get caught--maybe by an RA or even someone ratting them out--and it can be messy. Just be smart and don't get caught up in that scene, especially if you live in a dorm.


Having Alcohol In Your Dorm/Drinking On Campus

Every school has its own policy about this; some campuses allow alcohol and will let you drink as long as you're of age, others have a "dry campus" policy. If your university is on the more conservative side, you're better off keeping any alcohol consumption off campus, just to be safe. How much would it suck to get expelled just for having a bottle of wine in your room?

The O.C.

Hooking Up With A Professor

This is a bad idea, period, but it can also be against school rules. Not only could you face expulsion, your professor could get fired. If you and your professor do become involved, see if something happens when you're no longer a student.


Do you think any of these things that can get you expelled are unfair? Tell us in the comments!

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