7 Easy Layering Combinations That You Need To Try

When you think about layering, you probably think of cozy fall and winter clothes to bundle up in to keep warm and look cute. Yeah, that’s fair, but if you ask me, layering has no seasonal boundaries or warmth guidelines. Layering is simply a way to add texture, or depth to an outfit, to add a little somethin’ somethin’ to a look that was lacking, er, a little somethin’ somethin’. If that adds a level of comfort, great. If it’s purely for aesthetic purposes, also great.

There are plenty of layering combinations we’re familiar with, like layering a pullover on top of a collared blouse, or rocking a t-shirt underneath a dress, the perfect homage to ’90s/early ’00s style. But there are a few other ones that you probably never thought of trying, but are totally worth giving a go. Whether you’re in a style rut or you just want to experiment with something new, check out one of these seven layering combinations. From layering sheer tops over cami dresses, to layering overalls over turtleneck tanks, you’ll find something that speaks to you.

Turtleneck + Overalls

I spotted this combo in a post on Urban Outfitters' blog and I turned into a human heart eyes emoji. Most people pair overalls with t-shirts, but a turtleneck gives the overalls more of a sleek look. It looks more intentional, not like you just threw something on. In warm weather, a turtleneck tank like the one shown looks really killer, and it won't leave you feeling ridiculously overheated.

Urban Outfitters Blog | Photo by Anna Ottum

Socks + Socks

Socks on socks on socks! Well, okay, you don't have to do three layers of socks, but what about two to start off with? Layering different colors, textures, and patterns of socks is a really easy way to add a pop of freshness to a look that you think needs something you can't put your finger on. Plus, it's a great way to add a little flavor to your look in a subtle way. Just make sure that your socks aren't too thick, or else your feet won't be able to fit into your shoes!


Romper + Skirt

Hey, it's your's truly! When it's warm out, I love to wear a romper with a skirt on top. Not only is it an easy look to pull together, it's a helpful way to cover my butt whenever I'm wearing a short skirt. Nobody will get a look at my undies with this combo. Sure, it's a bit of a pain to maneuver when you have to go to the bathroom, but it's worth it.


Sheer Dress + Solid Cami Dress

You've seen plenty of people wear shirts under dresses, but what about dresses under dresses? Yes, I'm encouraging you to layer dresses. The only way this really works is if you're rocking a sheer or mess dress on top of a solid cami/spaghetti strap dress. It's a great way to rock an edgy look without showing too much skin.

The Concrete Runway

Bodysuit + Jeans

This look takes zero effort but instantly makes for a really cute look. Your best bet is to go for a pair of high waist jeans. Skinny jeans will work fine, but you might want to opt for looser fitting jeans, especially if you're not a fan of visible underwear lines!

American Apparel

Socks + Sandals

Yes, I'm a huge supporter of this classic fashion faux pas. Whatever, I think it looks really cute, but it won't work with any type of sandal. Like, you don't want to rock this look with super strappy gladiator sandals, or flip flops. Go for a nice, sturdy sandal with thick straps and a lot of open foot action. You can get cutesy and rock some patterned socks, or go for a more mature look with a solid print sock that pairs nicely with your shoes.

JuJu Jelly

Denim + Denim

Double denim, the Canadian Tuxedo...whatever you want to call it, denim on denim has been deemed tacky for ages, but it's slowly becoming more accepted. Why not pair your favorite jeans with your favorite denim jacket? Extra points if they're of a similar wash/color!

American Apparel

What’s your go-to layered look? Are there any that you know just aren’t your speed? Tell us in the comments!

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