16 Reasons You Have To Stop Hating On Pokemon Go

Unless you’ve been on a social media cleanse or living under a rock for the past week, I don’t have to tell you about how big Pokemon Go is – or how much people seem to hate it for no reason. In case you weren’t aware: it already has more downloads than Tinder. Clearly, a lot of people love this game, but it’s also gotten a lot of random hate from people who choose not to play. I don’t play, personally (because I ran out of room on my phone) but as any kindergarten teacher will tell you: just because you don’t like something is no reason to make your friends or other people feel bad about something they like.

How Pokemon Go works is that you walk around in real life and capture Pokemon, train them, go to battle, go to the Pokemon Gym – basically live your dreams of being a real Pokemon trainer c/o your phone. So yeah, a lot of people of all ages are coming together and playing this game: adults, little kids, teenagers, literally everyone. There’s nothing like 90’s nostalgia to turn everyone into a kid (or ironic kid) again. But even with these positive aspects, no matter how old you are or what you do, you’re going to catch some side eye from the Poke-haters. “Oh, it’s so childish, aren’t you too old for this? I swear to god kids will download any bullshit game. Look up from your phones and live *real life*!” Give. Me. A break, you guys.

Sure, there have been some terrible and/or slightly stupidPokemon Go related accidents – not cool, not okay – but, I feel like that’s more of a conversation about basic safety. Blaming your grouchiness about society by saying that Darwinism is going to wipe out all these Pokemon players for being so dumb and immature doesn’t make you MORE mature, Regina George, it makes you a boring grandpa. People are leaving their houses, interacting with people IRL, and still playing a fun game that’s low key changing everything while you tweet grumpy things into the ether. You don’t have to hate something to be cool and you should really back off the Pokemon Go hate, mostly on the grounds of “don’t be a jerk” but if you need something more specific, allow me to elaborate.

1) It’s bringing people together.

Between Aacknowledging someone who’s trying to battle your Pokemon, defending your gym leader title, helping your fellow players find good Pokemon, and team pride, there are lots of ways to make Pokemon Go super social. Why is that a bad thing?

2) It’s bringing people together >outside of their houses.

People used to hate on video games for making you sedintary sheeple. LOL. OPPOSITE, DUDES. Eggs only incubate while you’re walking! Hello, outside, nice to see you. What’s up, physical activity? I can’t see the negative side to something that gets a generation obsessed with laptops outside.

3) It’s a video game that is bringing people together in a sweet way.

For however much you see Pokemon all over your Instagram and Twitter, there’s amazing stories about people coming together as part of this game and if that doesn’t make your heart melt, I don’t know what to tell you.

4) It’s even lead to a first date or two.

A true match made in Poke-heaven.

5) It’s innovative af and it’s pretty much saving Nintendo.

Augmented reality games ftw. New technology is intimidating, but also our way to move forward.

6) Hating childish things doesn’t make you more mature.

Get over it. Seriously. Yes, they’re fantastical creatures that you collect on your phone. Unless your favorite game is Microsoft Excel, you can relax. Being a grown up is overrated and Pokemon is fun.

7) Hating on things for the sheer fun of hating something makes you insufferable.

The technical word for it is killjoy or buzzkill, look it up. You’re one grouch away from shaking your cane in the air and yelling at kids to get off your lawn. There’s probably a Blastoise on it. They’re getting rid of it for you! They’re doing you a favor!

8) It’s only natural after how big Pokemon was 10-15 years ago.

Think about it. Everyone who used to watch the 90’s TV show now has smart phones instead of Game Boys. The show is still going even though you maybe stopped watching. Technology evolved with it, much like – OMG – a Pokemon.

9) It has created a positive gamer culture.

Ever get harassed online by gamer snob elitists who say really derogatory awful stuff because they’re purists and hate people playing their game? NOT THE CASE WITH POKEMON GO, Y’ALL.

10) It’s helping people deal with depression.


Please hate on recovery, I’m begging you.

11) It’s free!

Yup, game play used to cost a serious amount of dollars. Not anymore!

12) Local businesses like animal shelters are using it to their advantage.

Walk a dog *and* play Pokemon at the same time? Sign me up!

13) The memes are golden.

Can we just.

14) Yeah, it might be a flash in the pan, but that doesn’t mean that it’s not bringing people joy on the regular.

Who care about the longevity or interest in this game over time. It’s awesome.

15) It’s a nice escape from the horror that is 2016.

Where do we begin? Can we not.

16) Hating things is boring and it makes you boring.

Really, plead your case about why this game sucks. There’s so much that’s good about Pokemon Go that hating it seems like y’all are being contrary for the sake of being special snowflakes.

Do you play Pokemon Go or do you hate it? What team are you on? Let us know in the comments!

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