9 Things You Shouldn’t Do When Packing For College

When it comes to getting ready for college, it is not just about what you pack, it is also how you pack it. Trust a girl who has been there and done it. I know, I know, you probably don’t want to think too much about packing for college. You want to enjoy what’s left of summer. I also know that you might want to buy cool things for your dorm room, but you don’t want to have to deal with how they will go from your bedroom to your school. I get it. Just thinking about it probably makes your head hurt.

Packing for school is a science. Do it right and everything works out perfectly. Do it wrong, and, well, it will be like that time you and your BF thought it would be a good idea to make a fake volcano without reading up on how to do it first. In other words, it could end up to be a freaking disaster. You’re probably going to make a number of mistakes during your first year of school, but don’t let them be over silly things like forgetting to pack sheets, assuming your roommate has everything under control, or thinking that your dorm is the size of Taylor Swift’s mansion. Take a look at the things you should not do when you’re packing for college.

Going Storage Bin Crazy

Storage bins can be very handy, especially if you choose containers that you will reuse in the school year. However, there is a limit. If you start piling up bin after bin, and you can't fit them in your car, it's a sign you've packed too much. You cannot kid yourself that you're being organized by separating things into different bins if you cannot transport them anywhere.

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Getting Obsessed With Decorating

Remember: You're decorating a room that is not that much bigger than Harry Potter's cupboard under the stairs. And you have to be able to work it in. A few decorative pieces are great to help personalize your room, but if you load up on all of the plates, vases, pillows, shams, rugs, and whatever else, they will all just be a pain in the ass when you have work to do. Plus, your momma isn't around to tidy them for you.

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Bringing Larger Items

You are not moving into a penthouse. Unfortunately. If it didn't fit in your room at home, it sure as heck isn't fitting in your dorm room. Similarly, I know you may be obsessed with your particular desk you used all through high school, but the one at your school will be more than good enough. You don't want to be the diva bringing her own desk to the school, and wondering where she is going to put the old one.

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Assuming Stuff's There

If it isn't explicitly listed on your dorm room sheet, do not assume that the school has it. Same goes with thinking your roommate will bring it. When it doubt, call someone to confirm. If you can't do that, pack whatever it is. You won't regret it. It will save you from running out to replace something stupid that you left at home. Hello, highlighters, a shower caddy, and pillows.

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Bringing The Big Van

Whatever vehicle you or your parents regularly drive is the one you should be bringing to move your stuff. You do not need a moving truck, or even a van. And you don't need to bring your trailer, mobile home, transport truck, or your live animal crate to haul your junk. Girlfriend, if you need something bigger than a regular car to carry your stuff, there's no way your junk is going to fit in your room. Take the family cruiser and you'll be thankful to avoid the, "Hey, were you the girl who moved in using her family's trailer?" question.

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Packing DIY Projects

If you didn't have time to finish that cute thing you saw on Pinterest for your dorm this summer, you ain't gonna be finishing it at school. Don't even think that you are. Leave the project at home, and let your parents finish it. You're not going to miss out on orientation activities so you can put Mod Podge on some pots.

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Leaving Things To The Last Minute

If you are a procrastinator, this is one time you need to get your crap together, got it? Sorry for the tough love, but you'll thank me later. It will be much easier unpacking if you have a plan, a list, and some semblance of organization. If that doesn't motivate you, think about being the person who has five garbage bags rip open in the road outside your dorms because you shoved random things in them. Having people pick up your stuffed animals, tampons, and old retainer is not the impression you want to make.

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Forgetting Necessities

You know how you always forget to pack something important when you go vacation like your toothbrush or sunscreen? It's easy to do the same thing with college because you're using those things right up until you go. Do yourself a favor and start making a list now of all the things you regularly use, then use it to pack. Scan the list one final time before you hit the road.

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Throwing Everything In

Sure, it seems easy to throw your stuff into a box or bin and worry about it later, but it will be a ~nightmare~ when you're unpacking it. What can take minutes to pack can take days, as well as your new roomie's bed, to sort out. Just think: organized, organized, organized.

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What is the biggest thing that worries you about packing for college? Let us know in the comments!

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