7 Gross Things About Living In A Dorm Room That Will Freak You Out

Dorms are what happen when you throw together hundreds of teenagers into a very tiny space for nine months out of the year. Does that sound fun? Not really. But, welcome to college. When you’re home, you’re used to your routine and the specific kind of soap your mom buys and the freshly washed towels that seem to appear out of nowhere. When you’re at school, it’s everyone for themselves. And trust me, some people can’t take care of themselves.

No matter what school you go to (unless you’re a commuter, obviously), you will probably live in a dorm, and you will probably hate it most of the time. Of course, there will be some perks: no parents and access to your friends 24/7, to name two. But there are also some really gross things that can happen when you live in a dorm. Any time there is large group of teenagers living within such close proximity to each other, there are bound to be some weird things going on. Luckily, some of them cam be avoided. Here are some gross things about living in a dorm, and how you can help avoid them. 

People Won't Wash Their Hands

And you will notice. When I went to college, my school didn't provide soap in the residence halls, which meant that people didn't even wash their hands. That is gross. Of course, after I moved out of the res halls, they started providing soap, but always be sure to bring some with you just in case. If you see people not washing their hands, make them go back and do it! It puts you an others at risk for getting sick.  Which leads me to #2.

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...So You Will Get Sick

It is hard  to avoid getting sick when you live in a dorm. With so many people living within such close proximity to one another, its impossible to not spread germs, and sometimes those germs can get nasty.There is a good chance that you will definitely get sick at some point in your dorm living. Wash. Your. Hands.

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You Will Hear People Having Sex

No matter where you live, you will hear people having sex. Whether its upstairs, next door, in the shower...it's hard to avoid. It might be good to invest in some good ear plugs.

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There Will Be Bugs

No dorm is perfect. It is safe to safe to say that wherever you go, there will be bugs, and you really don't have a choice but to deal with them.  A good way to avoid bugs in your dorm is the ensure that you don't ever have any opened containers of food laying around, and don't forget some bug spray.

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There Will Be A Lot Of Sweaty Bodies

A lot of dorms don't have air conditioning, which means you are living in close proximity to a collection of people who are sweaty, hot and angry about being sweaty and hot. I definitely recommend getting a fan. Or two.

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Everything Will Smell, Not Just The Bathrooms

When I was in college, the weekends tended to fill the residence halls with a disgusting variety of smells. Apparently when kids have a little too much to drink, they forget where the bathrooms are. Vomit, urine, sometimes literal feces (college kids are GROSS) would be in the halls or stairwells. A good way to avoid this is to make sure you're friends know their limits and help them to the bathroom if needed. Of course, some situations can't be avoided, so I also suggest bringing some heavy duty air freshener.

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There Will Be Hair Everywhere

Sure, you're used to sharing a bathroom with maybe one or two people...but you're definitely not used to sharing a bathroom with an entire floor. When everyone is in a rush to get in and out of the shower so that they will have time to make it to class, they often don't clean up after themselves. Be sure to clean your hair out of the drain and encourage others to do so, so you're not stuck with a clogged shower that overflows and floods the whole floor.

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Are you going off to college this fall? Which of these surprised you? Tell us in the comments!

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