The 20 Best Responses To Kim Kardashian Exposing Taylor Swift On Snapchat

In case you missed it, celebrity history was made tonight (okay, maybe that’s slightly dramatic, but it’s fine) when Kim Kardashian West exposed Taylor Swift on Snapchat. Let’s go over the basics, in case you’re not interested in watching the video (although, really, you should, because it’s honestly priceless). Remember when Taylor Swift and Kanye West made up after the years-long feud, and posted some Instagram pictures together, and we all had hope for the future? And then Kanye released his song “Famous” with the lyric “I feel like me and Taylor still might have sex/Why? I made that bitch famous?” And everyone was like, “OMG WTF!!!” and then Kanye and Kim insisted Taylor approved the line, and we were all more confused, because who would approve that?

Well, when asked for a comment about it all of those months ago, Taylor’s team said she had no idea that the line would be in the song and would have never approved it if she knew, because she was humiliated, basically ending it with a statement wondering why Kim and Kanye couldn’t leave her alone. After that, Kim stated that Taylor definitely knew about and approved the line, but Taylor insisted she didn’t, and then we all just kind of forgot about it and moved on.

Until tonight, when Kim pulled a move so petty and so savage that it’s hard to not care, even if you hate both celebrities: she posted video proof of Taylor approving the lyric on Snapchat. It appears that Kim recorded the phone conversation of Kanye and Taylor discussing the song. Taylor not only approves the song, she also heaps praise on Kanye for asking, then says that if anyone asks her about it, she’ll say he asked her first. This, obviously, didn’t happen.

It doesn’t matter that it’s nearing midnight on a Sunday – Twitter is alive and well with responses to this Kim Kardashian/Taylor Swift/Kanye West beautiful disaster, because, honestly, is anything better than exposing Taylor Swift for the snake that she is? I mean, yes, 1989 is truly a masterpiece, but it’s about time Taylor’s true colors were revealed, in my opinion. It’s just another event in a series of events that have made Tay look less than angelic.. ANYWAY. Let’s allow the hilarious responses to this speak for themselves:

1. This photo that is so good and accurate that it doesn’t even require a caption:


2. When you’re reminded of all the other chances you had to realize things:


3. When you have to be up early but you can’t go to sleep because the drama is too real:


4. What Kim is probably doing right now:


5. When you’ve never trusted Taylor Swift and now everyone can stop telling you you’re wrong:


6. When you realize just how savage Kim really is:


7. When you know Taylor is going to put SOME sort of spin on things and you’re scared to hear what it is:


8. Taylor Swift’s night, probably:


9. This perfect gif of Kim:


10. Taylor’s reaction:


11. Thank you for saving us from a night of boredom:


12. This feels too accurate:


13. History maker, tbh


14. You know Calvin Harris is somewhere laughing, having the best night of his life:


15. It’s time to move to bigger things:


16. This is TOO GOOD.


17. Who says she can’t do anything?



19. This is just so right.


20. And I’m done.


Oh, and PS: it looks like Taylor has responded. Who do you believe?

Which response is your favorite? Who’s side are you on? Let us know in the comments.

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