21 Tweets About Dads That Will Actually Make You Laugh

It’s a good time to be a dad on the internet. And I’m not just talking about the increased cultural acceptance of the previously-taboo term “daddy,” either! No, the internet is absolutely gaga over dads–their jokes, their bods, their very way of life–in a way that moms have yet to attain, for reasons that probably stem from the repressive nature of our nation’s patriarchal system. Is this Dad Appropriation? Perhaps, but it remains delightful nonetheless.

Anyway. I do love my dad, personally–his name is James “Jimi” Hendricks, which happens to sound  a lot like the name of the fallen rockstar “Jimi Hendrix,” which is always good for a fun fact to throw out if I find myself in a conversational pinch–so I too am complicit in much of the Dad Humor that permeates the net–though, for what it’s worth, there is some exceptional Dad Humor out there. Particularly on Twitter. So, turn on the grill, put on your best Wrangler jeans, and say “Hi Hungry, I’m Dad,” any time anyone says anything to you, even if they didn’t tell you that they’re hungry. Then, you may check out these tweets about dads that are bound to make you laugh:

1. Who’s getting in on the hoverboard trend? Dads:


2. The amazing race:


3. Dads–passionate about maintaining complete control over the remote control:


4. And posting subversive chimney photos to Facebook:


5. And wearing your prom dress before you even have the chance to try it on:


6. Gorgeous:


7. What would we do without dad jokes?


8. Really–what would we do?


9. No one can say for sure:


10. Naturally:


11. *Disappointment. But, yeah. Same:


12. Daddy problems? Please:


13. You get that money where you can:


14. Heh. Nice:

15. Same:




17. Speaking of politics–is Hillary Clinton secretly a dad?


18. Who knows. Either way–dads are important:


19. Very important:


20. Heh:


21. Anyway, make sure to go tell a dad joke today. It’s what your dad would want, really:

Did you laugh at these tweets? Which one was your fave? Let us know in the comments!

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