11 Rules Every Single Girl Needs To Have For Herself

Recently, I read an article by a celebrity YouTube yoga guru in which she detailed every single thing she eats in a day. In it, she said that she “doesn’t have any rules” when it comes to eating, which she followed up by saying that she “follows a strict raw vegan diet” that she can never, under any circumstance, break.What did I glean from this? You can never actually trust anyone who says that they don’t follow rules.

It’s not that I don’t respect the raw vegan community–I happen to be particularly fascinated by the ongoing vegan YouTuba drama–but if there is one thing that veganism requires, it is a bunch of rules. It’s not even that I like the idea of rules that much, necessarily. The point is, everyone follows rules, openly or otherwise, so you might as well have a clear idea of what they are. So, here is a vague list of ideas and practices–a code, if you will–that I made for girls who happen to be single girl, for I too happen to be a girl who is single. You don’t have to follow them, obviously. You are the sole master of your faith. The captain of your soul. (Yes, I have seen the Oscar-nominated film Invictus, starring Morgan Freeman and Matt Damon, exactly one time! That is just the cinephile lifestyle that I lead!) Do I, myself, always follow these rules? I sure don’t! But, if you happen to be looking for a personal code, you can check out these rules every single girls should have for herself: 


1. Don’t date anyone just to be dating someone.


I mean, duh. You know this. But if someone is pursuing you, and, other than the novelty of having someone like you, you aren’t super into it, it’s best just to cut things off ASAP.


2. Do things by yourself sometimes.


It’s good to learn how to do things on your own so you don’t feel like you’re bound to your house if your friends can’t do anything. Go to museums solo. Go to the movies alone. You can even go by yourself to a restaurant–if you bring a book, you’ll be good.


3. Never text the f**kboy back.


You know the one. That person who you like a lot, in spite of all of your who, by the way, could very well be a f**kgirl. Jerkiness is gender neutral). It’s so easy to break this one, but try your very best to resist!


4. Always have a good response up your sleeve for when people ask, “Wait, so why are you still single?


Because rolling your eyes into the very back corner of your head probably won’t cut it anymore. Here are some ideas. 


5. Ditto “Are you dating anyone at school?”




6. Know a good way to turn someone down.


Check out how here.


7. Also know a good way to ask someone out.


Girls can make the first move, too!


8. Only wear clothes that you like.


Like…don’t change out of your outfit because you see some guy tweet about how he hates crop tops or whatever. I’m sure you know this, but it doesn’t matter.  Dressing for guys–or anyone other than yourself, really–is not something that you should feel compelled to do, ever.


9. Don’t watch TV shows that you hate just because they’re “cool” and “hip” and a guy you have a crush on talks about it a lot.


If you genuinely like Silicon Valley and Mr. Robot, that’s great. If Keeping Up With Kardashians is the only television program that brings you joy, that’s also great. So be it.


10. Don’t laugh at guys who aren’t funny.


You don’t have to laugh! Trust me.


11. ~Love yourself~


This is not a “you have to love yourself before anyone else can love you” piece of advice. I would never do that to you, considering that it’s mostly BS. You also don’t have to feel totally ~self love~ and ~body posi~ all the time, either. Very few people do. But knowing that you’re cool and special and that there are lots of people value your existence, even if you’re not feeling particularly cool or special or valuable in one particular moment is really important.



Are you single? Do you have any rules for yourself? Let us know in the comments!

You can reach the author, Sara Hendricks, on Twitter and Instagram.

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