Should You Be Shaving Your Face? We Tested It To Find Out

I recently wrote about the things you should know before you start shaving your face. (Spoiler alert: Do not slap on some shaving cream then use the razor you shave your legs with.) I’ve been intrigued by the whole face shaving thing for awhile. While I love the usual beauty discussions about new lipstick colors, DIY waxing tips, and the best acne treatments, I am a sucker for any sort of product or procedure that is a bit different than the usual stuff. Face masks that make you look like a serial killer? Give me three. Pube products? You definitely have my attention. Face shaving? Tell me more.

Face shaving isn’t like other facial hair removal methods. The goal isn’t to shave your face like a dude does to get rid of any dark, thick hairs you might have. It is about removing that very fine peach fuzz so your skin will be smoother than a hairless cat. You actually avoid any areas where you have thicker, visible hair. Instead, you stick with waxing or threading those.

I’ve never really had an issue with the peach fuzz on my face. It’s barely noticeable, hence why it is called fuzz. That being said, I was curious about why people were raving about face shaving. They said it made their makeup look better and it came with the added bonus of some exfoliation. I also wanted to find out for myself whether the hair grew back thicker, despite everyone telling me that it did not. I’m a skeptic, what can I say? I am also never one to say no to a beauty experiment so I decided to test it out. Here’s my story:

The Procedure

Face Shaving 1

The concerned look of a person who does not want to cut open her face.

The first part of the plan involved getting the appropriate shaving tool. Dermatologists and aestheticians told me that using a quality blade instead of the traditional razor you use on your pits and legs is the way to go. You want a razor that is more like those slightly scary eyebrow razors. I had one in my bag of beauty treasures, but you can find them easily at Sephora or Sally Beauty.

The experts told me that face shaving isn’t ideal for those with sensitive skin or active acne because it can actually exacerbate both problems. My skin has been known to go a bit crazy when I experiment with different products, and I get the occasional pimple on my chin (thanks, hormones), so I opted to only test an area on my cheek. Plus, I figured if I was going to be the person whose hair grew back in a thick beard, I would only have a patch of black fur on my cheek as opposed to my whole face.

Face Shaving 0

Close enough for ya? This is before any face shaving. Despite the camera being an inch away from my skin, you cannot really see the peach fuzz because it is fine.

If you get a decent razor, the blade will be ~very~ sharp.  A couple strokes were all I needed to completely de-fuzz the area. The process is fairly quick, but I took my time because ending up with an open wound on my face wasn’t the end goal. I can see you having to be extra careful when you are going around the curves of your face, especially around your jawline and your hairline.

When I was shaving, I made sure not to use any scraping techniques. That is more dermaplaning than face shaving, and that is a procedure that should be left strictly to the pros.


The first day after my face shaving experience, there wasn’t much to report. There was no regrowth happening. Thankfully, my face wasn’t irritated from using the razor. I didn’t really notice that much of a difference when I applied my makeup, but that is probably because dry, flaky skin is not an issue for me in the summer because I use some sort of exfoliating tool on a regular basis.

One Week Later

Face Shaving 2

After a week of obsessively inspecting my cheek in the mirror for any traces of the start of a beard, I wasn’t seeing much of anything.

Two Weeks Later

Face Shaving 3

It was after the two-week mark that I did get a bit of a “dry” feeling on my face that some of the pros warned me about. This was the hair starting to grow back. They said the hair would initially come back stubbly which could make my face fel dry, but that it would be temporary. I wouldn’t go so far as to say my face felt prickly. It felt a bit more like used sandpaper, if that makes any sense. Not as scratchy as a fresh piece, but still a bit textured. If I didn’t rub my face, I probably wouldn’t have even noticed it.

I still couldn’t really see the hairs, so I relaxed a little because I thought that this meant that they would be growing out blonde. Hooray!

Three Weeks Later

Face Shaving 4 (1)

See any difference between any of the photos? Me neither.

I am very glad to report that there is no werewolf sideburns happening on my face. From what I can tell, the peach fuzz is all grown back now. In the lovely close-up pictures of my face, you cannot really tell the difference between the before, during, or after shots. It doesn’t appear that there is any more or less hair than what there was before I started the experiment. The sandpaper feeling went away after a couple of days.


It was an interesting experiment, but I don’t know if face shaving is something I would add to my routine. I don’t mind my peach fuzz so I don’t consider it to be an effective use of my time to sit in front of the mirror with a razor removing it. Plus, it would still make me anxious each time I shaved because I would be thinking that this would be the time that the hair would grow back thicker. (You can never stop a worrier from worrying.)

If you want to shave your face, go for it. It’s your decision what you want to do with the peach fuzz on your face, if anything. If you are going to attempt it, just consider whether your skin type is right for it, and be sure to choose the right tool. And make sure that you’re very careful with it. Those razors do have a warning to use them with caution!

Would you ever consider shaving your face? Have you ever tried it? Let us know in the comments!

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