9 Weird Things No One Ever Tells You About Female Condoms

When it comes to female condoms, most people tend to have a lot of questions. Or, to be more exact, most people have at least one question about female condoms, but it holds a lot of questions within it:  what the heck even is a female condom?

If you’re part of the “WTF is a female condom?/WTF does it do?/WTF am I doing with my life if I don’t know what they are?/ WTF is a chonce?” camp, don’t worry. You’re definitely not the only one who isn’t quite sure what it is. Most people tend to be familiar with, like, two or three birth control options–conventional condoms, birth control pills, and IUDs tend to be the most commonly-known methods–meaning that other ones like female condoms and diaphragms  often seems to be shrouded with a good deal of mystery. But this doesn’t have to be the case! Female condoms–which you can learn more about here, but are basically just are pouch-like devices that are inserted inside the vagina and prevent against pregnancy and STIs–are actually a great birth control method. So, check out these weird things no one ever tells you about female condoms:

They Can Actually Increase The Pleasure Of Both People Involved

In vaginal sex, the outer ring of the female condom can create friction against the clitoris, which feels good for most women, since it's generally easier to have an orgasm from clitoral stimulation rather than just penetration. It also rubs against the head of the penis, which can increase pleasure for guys, too.

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They're A Great Option For People With Latex Allergies

Female condoms aren't made out of latex like most conventional condoms. Instead, they're made out of polyutherane (a plastic) or nitrile (a synthetic rubber used to prevent against diseases), so if you or your partner have a latex allergy, female condoms are an easy, safe alternative to a typical condom.

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Partner Doesn't Want To Wear a Condom? Try A Female Condom

Okay. In most cases, if you have a partner who's giving you trouble about wearing a condom, the best thing to do is probably not have sex with them at all. Full stop. But if you have a partner who actually has a good excuse for not wearing a condom--I haven't heard one yet, but, sure, one might exist--and you're willing to accommodate them, you can try a female condom, since it offers you STI protection that's totally in your control.

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You Don't Have To Insert It Right In The Moment

Don't like fiddling around with a condom right before sex? Often feel concerned with the idea of "ruining the moment?" Female condoms actually allow you to skip all of that. If you know you're having sex soon, you can actually insert a female condom up to eight hours before the actual event, which means that you can just, uh, jump right into things if you prepare the right way.

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You Don't Have To Use A Female And Male Condom At The Same Time

In fact, you definitely should not use two types of condoms at once. Going double-duty on condoms might seem like a good idea--twice as many condoms mean twice as much protection, right?--but the friction that occurs during intercourse can cause tearing in one or both of the condoms. Instead, pick one type of condom to use when you're having sex.

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Female Condoms Recently Had A ~Makeover~

Female condoms were first introduced in the early 1990s, but they earned a bad reputation almost immediately--they were too hard to insert, to expensive, too squeaky. So, in 2014, the female condom got revamped under the name FC2, for a model that was easier to insert, less expensive, and far less squeaky. While they still aren't as mainstream as conventional condoms, female condom sales have doubled since the revamp

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Female Condoms Aren't Just For Vaginal Sex

Female condoms are totally safe to use with both water and silicon-based lubricants, so they can also be used for anal sex.

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Female Condoms Have The Best Multi-Purpose Protection

According to USAID, female condoms actually provide the best "multi-purpose" protection. Why is this? Not only are they 97 percent effective in preventing STIs and 80 percent effective in preventing pregnancy, it's the only female-initiated contraceptive that's effective against STIs.

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Female Condoms Can Give You More Control Over Your Own Protection

The best case to be made for female condoms? They allow you to have more autonomy in your own protection. Guys are often given total responsibility for providing protection, which is nice if they follow through, but not so nice if they don't. Using female condoms makes it so that you have more of a say in having safe sex and doesn't lay the whole job on the dude. Because of this, some women report having higher self esteem after they use female condoms.

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Were you familiar with female condoms before this? Would you ever use one? Let us know in the comments!

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