20 Easy DIY Throw Pillows You Need To Decorate Your Bedroom

Okay, bear with me here: I know that a throw pillow sounds like something only your mom or grandma have a vested interested in, but they shouldn’t be. This might be my inner old lady talking, but guys, throw pillows are awesome. Not only are they comfortable (they make it so easy to prop yourself up in bed), but they also make great bedroom decor. A bunch of cute, fun throw pillows make your bedroom look instantly more cozy, warm, and stylish. I especially love adding bright throw pillows to a small space, like a dorm room, where you really want to feel at home.

Unfortunately for all of us who want to start stocking up on these little guys, throw pillows are really expensive. I don’t know why! They’re small, but really cute ones that are comfortable and don’t feel icky have price tags that are closer to $100 than I’d like them to be. It’s crazy. And that’s where these DIY projects come in. Some of these DIY throw pillows are tutorials for the actual pillow, and others are just simple and fun ways to decorate existing throw pillows, or even to make covers for them. This allows you to buy an inexpensive throw pillow that doesn’t look cute, and make it look like you spent a lot of money.

These projects are relatively simple to put together (although some are harder and more time consuming), and they make the perfect item to spruce up your bedroom. And, honestly, they’re really great for dorm rooms. Once you start to use throw pillows, you won’t be able to stop, so… welcome to the dark side.

1. Buy a cheap t-shirt from a thrift store or Forever 21, then use your sewing skills to make it into a fun throw pillow.


Source/Tutorial: The Tortoise Shell Glasses


2. Make a potato stamp, create whatever design you want, then make a cool pillow. This is totally customizable, so feel free to get as creative as possible.


Source/Tutorial: Big DIY Ideas


3. Don’t know how to sew? You can still make a throw pillow, don’t worry. This easy tutorial uses a tote bag with the design of your choice and a glue gun to put together a cute little decoration. 


Source/Tutorial: An Exercise In Frugality


4. Make an old throw pillow look good again with added pom-poms – or just add these to a cheap, boring pillow.


Source/Tutorial: The Lovely Drawer


5. You can get plain throw pillows for a great price, but those are boring. Buy those, then make your own envelope cases out of whatever fabric/pattern/colors you want. They look professional, and the envelope style makes it easy to swap the covers out whenever you want something new.


Source/Tutorial: Vintage Revival


6. Want something bright and cozy at the same time? Try this geometric wool pillow. It’s time-consuming, but the end result is worth it.


Source/Tutorial: A Beautiful Mess


7. Get creative with paint to create some abstract art pillows that will impress everyone.


Source/Tutorial: A Beautiful Mess


8. Want something that’s more for decoration than comfort? Try a leather throw pillow. They look cool and super trendy.


Source/Tutorial: Vintage Revival


9. Or maybe you want something more fun and playful. If that’s the case, try these animal shaped throw pillows that will make any space more colorful.


Source/Tutorial: Studio DIY


10. This gold foil throw pillow might take up a decent amount of time, but the end result is so pretty and glam.


Source/Tutorial: A Beautiful Mess


11. Sometimes all you need to do is update an old throw pillow with a little color, like with this tassel pillow.


Source/Tutorial: Fall For DIY


12. Use stamps to create cool and unique patterns on old or plain throw pillows.


Source/Tutorial: Brit + Co


13. Want to make a t-shirt into a throw pillow cover, but don’t know how to sew? This no-sew tutorial is here! 


Source/Tutorial: 3 Peppers


14. These conversation heart pillows might have been inspired by Valentine’s Day, but they can be used all year! They’re so fun and will make any bedroom look super Instagramable. 


Source/Tutorial: Brit + Co


15. Go for something cheeky and trendy and make these diamond shaped pillows.


Source/Tutorial: Little White Whale


16. These fleece macaron pillows are cute without being annoying, and they’ll also be super comfy on chilly days. 


Source/Tutorial: Camelot Fabrics


17. Use this watercolor technique to make the prettiest throw pillows ever.


Source/Tutorial: Tidbits


18. Use a stamp to make the cutest cactus pillow ever – a statement you probably never thought you would hear. 


Source/Tutorial: Patchwork Cactus


19. Make the coolest dorm room accessory: a pillow that will help you make decisions.


Source/Tutorial: The Chilly Dog


20. Maybe you just want something simple – in that case, go for this basic no-sew throw pillow tutorial. It gets the job done!


Source/Tutorial: Style Me Pretty

Which one of these DIY throw pillows is your favorite? Are you going to make any? Tell us in the comments.

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