The 7 Types Of Nice Guys Everyone Has To Avoid

Nice Guys™: The guys who think they’re great, personable, and loving, but despite an endearing quality or two, they’re just dudes with a massive sense of entitlement over girls and their affection. We’ve seen them in pop culture, trying to get our affection and sympathy in one too many rom-coms–think Duckie from Pretty In Pink–and you’ve probably met plenty IRL as well. You know, the guy who wonders why girls always go for crappy guys, the guy who is puzzled when girls don’t pine over their sparkling personality, the guy who thinks he knows how a girl operates better than they do, with a “You Don’t Know You’re Beautiful” flourish. Gag.

But while these are traits that just about every Nice Guy shares, there isn’t a one-size-fits-all type of nice guy! They come in many different forms, so you need to make sure that you’re always on alert. Here are seven types of Nice Guys you’ll meet in your life, and you’ve probably met a few of them already.

The FWB Nice Guy

He's great, really, but even though you two are strictly in the FWB arena, he still hasn't gotten the hint...even when you flat out tell him that you're not interested in a relationship. You like him and all, but he's more invested in changing your mind than respecting your feelings.

500 Days Of Summer

The Pretentious Nice Guy

You guys like the same music, the same movies, and the same TV shows. But he's convinced that he has better taste than you, and he's not afraid to let it be known. You can't even talk about your favorite genre without him manspalining all over the place. He's pretentious AF, but he manages to think highly enough of you to try to show off at any chance he gets. He might just have some growing up to do, but you don't have to wait around to find out.


The Secretly Pining Nice Guy

This is a flavor of Nice Guy that teen drama loves: The Nice Guy who just wishes that the girl of his dreams knew he existed. He pines, and pines, and pines, for years, and...doesn't really do much of anything to make a move or even really make his presence known. But wow, he really hopes you notice him some day, and he'll be really bitter if you don't.

Can't Hardly Wait

The BFF Nice Guy

As I said in the intro, Duckie from Pretty In Pink fits this perfectly: He's the male friend who is absolutely in love with his female friend, and gets incredibly jealous if she's interested in someone else. He's predatory AF, but it's "excused" because he's just trying to be a good friend. He just doesn't want to see her get hurt...or so he says. He's actually banking on it happening so that he'll become the knight in shining armor and sweep that girl off her feet. She'll finally get enough sense to realize that he's the one she's been looking for, and he's been right by her side all along. Ugh. Please, tell me you're nauseated, too.

Pretty In Pink

The Woke Nice Guy

No offense to Matt McGorry, because he seems like a genuinely good guy who cares about issues like racial injustice, feminism, etc. But he definitely reminds us of the Woke Nice Guy, the Nice Guy who knows exactly how to impress girls with all of the right activist rhetoric, but mostly does it so that he'll get in your pants. These guys are all over the place on college campuses, so be prepared.


The Fetishizing Nice Guy

This is an offshoot of the Woke Nice Guy, but with an even more condescending twist. This is the kind of Nice Guy who fetishizes the hell out of certain types of girls--black girls, Asian girls, overweight girls, depressed girls, etc--and might exploit their insecurities in the name of love/appreciation. For example, he'll wax poetic about how beautiful black women are, but really he sexualizes them based on their race. Hard pass.


The Not-So-Charming Nice Guy

This guy thinks that just because he was raised to have manners and believes in chivalry, that he deserves to have you as his GF. Hey, he does all the right things! He tells you you have a nice smile, and that you should show it off more! He offers to carry your backpack! He wants to meet your parents because he knows he'll give a good first impression! He's so lovely that he even flosses on a regular basis! But in the end, his charm feels a little too calculated and not all that sincere. If something feels off or contrived, trust your gut and avoid.

Some Girls

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