9 Things You Didn’t Know About Balls

Balls. They’re kind of just there, and no one really knows what to say (or do) about them, apart from the usual dude humor kicked-in-the-balls jokes. The subject of blue balls might be brought up occasionally by your BF, but that is about all of the attention they are gonna get.

Let’s face it: when it comes to sexy times or body convos, it is all about the peen. A lot of people don’t know what to really do with nuts, for starters. And they’re so focused on the peen that they cannot be bothered to figure out something else. I mean, everyone could talk about the size of penises, the circumference of them, questionable dick nicknames, and tips on how to make ’em fit for hours, and never think twice about balls. The dick is the super popular MVP who everyone loves, while the balls are the nice-but-not-very-memorable sidekick.

It’s not fair that we give penises allllll of the attention. Balls aren’t there just for decoration, you know. Like dicks, there are also some very interesting things about them. Take a look at nine surprising things to know about balls:

Things Can Rupture

Okay, so a dude's testicles can't pop like water balloons, but a testicular rupture can happen. And a rupture is just as bad as the name makes it sound. A rupture is an injury that tears the protective coating around the testicles and damages 'em, according to WebMD. Makes you happy you're a girl, doesn't it?

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Good Reflexes

Balls don't have x-ray vision, or the ability to turn completely invisible, but they do have their own Spidey sense. It's called the cremasteric reflex. When the area around the upper thigh is stroked or scratched, the nuts contract to avoid the ~threat~, according to Mosby's Medical Dictionary.

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They Can Move All Around

You might think that balls just chill there, but they can actually do a lot of moving around in the case of retractile testicles. A retractile testicle is one that moves back and forth between the scrotum and the groin. It's something that normally stops around puberty when the testicles take their proper position in the scrotum. FYI: Mayo Clinic points out retractile testicles can be moved from the groin to the scrotum during a physical exam with a lil guiding help from the hands.

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Things Can Get Twisted

If you're envisioning a dude's nut sack getting twisted together like the necklaces in your jewelry box, that thankfully can't happen. However, a testicle can rotate. This can twist the spermatic cord that brings blood to the scrotum, and cut off blood flow. The technical name for it is testicular torison, and it's serious business. Mayo Clinic reported that it requires emergency surgery. If the blood flow is cut off for too long, the dude can lose a nut.

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They're Uneven

Most of us don't have perfectly symmetrical lips or eyes. The same goes with guys' testicles. A study found that the right testicle is often higher and larger than the left in approximately 65 percent of guys. If you want specifics, the right is about 9.95 g while the left is 9.36 g.

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Kicking Can Be Good

...At least from a fetish point of view. We normally think a dude getting kicked in the balls as one of the ~*worst*~ injuries that can happen to him. However, there are some guys who actually enjoy ballbusting, as they call it. A worse of advice: Don't try this one on your BF, unless he says that he is into it.

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They Have A Seam

This isn't like the seam on your top. The technical name is perineal raphe. It is more of a visible ridge that extends through the anus, the perineum, the scrotum and the penis. It occurs during development when the peen and scrotum fuse, according to Med Help. FYI: Girls have one too, but ours is a bit different, obvs.

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Hanging Low

Ever wonder why balls are there in the first place, and not all tucked up inside? They're low hangers because the ideal temperature for sperm is one or two degrees lower than what it is inside the body, according to WebMD. When the nuts get cold, the testicles retract to stay at the correct temperature. Talk about automatic heating control.

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Shrinkage Happens

If you have guy friends, you have probably heard someone mention crotch shrinkage at some point or another. What you may not know is that a lot of things can cause it. Medical Daily writes that things like lack of sleep, drinking too much alcohol, smoking pot, and experiencing a physical injury can all cause testicle atrophy, or ball shrinkage, as every guy says. Temperature change, steroid use, and masturbation can also cause the balls to decrease in size.

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What thing did you find most surprising about balls? Let us know in the comments!

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