13 Things That Are Actually Better Than A Boyfriend Or Girlfriend

If you are a girl who happens to have been saddled with the dual burdens of heterosexuality and singlehood (singledom? Singleness? Being single?), chances are good that the concept of “having a boyfriend” is something that gets thrown your way a lot. In fact, it’s more than just a concept–it’s an actual goal that you are meant to work towards tirelessly until it is achieved. Your relatives surprise-attack you with questions if you’re “seeing anyone special at school” at, like, every family gathering you show up to. Your friends link up with other people so you practically feel obligated to link up with someone too. Even the memes you see online seem to be pressuring you to find a bae, and quick,

Now, is being in a relationship a rewarding, satisfying, and personally enriching experience? If you’re in the right one, of course it is! But this doesn’t mean that relationships are the only way to exact satisfaction out of life–in fact, there are a whole lot of things, both concrete and abstract that are objectively much better than being in any kind of relationship. All it takes is a little perspective shift. So, if you’re in need of a little bit of perspective–or just need some material for clapbacks when your family members ask why you’re still single–check out these things that are actually better than a boyfriend or girlfriend. (Hint–there are a lot of things):

 1. Getting tagged in a really great meme on Instagram.



2. Even better, finding a truly excellent meme on Instagram, tagging all of your friends in it, and knowing that they will laugh so hard when they see it:



3. That moment towards the end of an argument when you know you’re about to win.



4. When plans that you were trying to find a way to get out of get canceled.



5. Pizza.



6. Ice cream.



7. Going to parties where there is both pizza and ice cream, and ignoring your dairy allergy for a night so you can eat all of it.


8. Thinking of doing something productive, but deciding to lie in bed and watch Netflix all day instead.



9. Those Instagram accounts that are just pictures of dogs wearing clothes.

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10. Getting a new celebrity crush.



11. When you’re at the grocery store with your mom and you ask her to get something and she actually says yes.



12. Seeing a picture of your friend when they were little and had a bowl cut and their mom made them wear cable-knit sweaters that say “Champ.”



13. Realizing that you actually like being single, and you’ll date someone when you’re good and ready, thanks.


Are you single? Are there things that you think are better than a boyfriend? Let us know in the comments!

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