12 Questions About Abortion That’ll Make You Cringe

Abortion is a sensitive topic, period. But at Gurl, we’re unflinchingly pro-choice. Accidents happen, and unplanned pregnancy is a reality for plenty of people, from teen girls to married women who already have a couple of kids. Sometimes birth control fails, and other times people become pregnant because they weren’t as responsible as they could have been, and others are victims of rape. We don’t think that those people should be punished by completing a pregnancy that they don’t want, and believing that doesn’t mean that we are pro-baby killing (despite what some anti-abortion folks think). You can even believe that abortion is an unfortunate procedure and still think that anyone with a uterus should be entitled to undergo one. Besides, except for emergencies, you can’t just get an abortion whenever you want anyway. It’s not like you can roll up to Planned Parenthood during your sixth month of pregnancy and go, “You know what? I thought I wanted this baby, but now I changed my mind. Now, get this sucker outta me!”

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Uh, no. You can usually only get an abortion within the first trimester of a pregnancy, when there’s just a fetus chillin’ in your uterus. Contrary to popular belief, that fetus won’t be able to feel pain during the process, and many abortions aren’t even that invasive; for example, most people take an abortion pill. But people believe what they want to believe, even if that fantasy includes maniacal abortion doctors throwing babies in the garbage, or women regretting their abortions left and right (even though 90 percent of people who have had abortions don’t regret it at all).

There’s so many misconceptions surrounding abortion that it’s no wonder people buy into the BS to such an extent that they’re constantly trying to make abortions harder and harder to access. But if you thought you’ve heard of all of the wacky misinformation out there about abortion, ha! Guess again. Check out these 12 ridiculous questions about abortion from Yahoo Answers and prepare to cringe like crazy.


1. This is…a lot.

Yahoo Answers Questions About Abortion 3


susie rugrats blink unimpressed


2. WHAT?

Yahoo Answers Questions About Abortion 11



3. Yeah: All of them.

Yahoo Answers Questions About Abortion 4



4. How are these…at all similar? You’re literally dealing with a living breathing human in one scenario and you’re not in the other.

Yahoo Answers Questions About Abortion 7



5. …Um.

Yahoo Answers Questions About Abortion 6



6. STOP.

Yahoo Answers Questions About Abortion 9

Source: Giphy

Source: Giphy



Yahoo Answers Questions About Abortion 8

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Source: Tumblr


8. No.

Yahoo Answers Questions About Abortion 15



9. …I’ve got nothing.

Yahoo Answers Questions About Abortion 1


10. This is literally eugenics.

Yahoo Answers Questions About Abortion 12

oprah squinting


11. Then don’t date somebody who is pro-choice. I don’t think we’ll miss you all that much.

Yahoo Answers Questions About Abortion 10



12. Okay, show’s over.

Yahoo Answers Questions About Abortion 13



What other misconceptions do people have about abortion? What abortion myths did you used to believe? Tell us in the comments!

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