22 Of The Funniest Tweets Ever About Donald Trump

Are we still allowed to laugh about Donald Trump?

I ask this not because Donald Trump’s very existence has ceased to be hilarious–remember when Trump, a human garbage fire, stood in front of literal garbage while making a speech a few weeks back? Or just last week, when he managed to stay on script during a speech until he saw a plane flying above him and suggested that it “could be a Mexican plane up there,” ready to attack? –it’s just that the bit has gone too far. The very idea of Donald Trump running for president, let alone making it more than a few weeks into primary season, let alone clinching enough delegate votes to become the republican nominee was once a hilarious joke that united us all (it was truly a bipartisan laugh riot!) but now it’s a reality.

And this reality? Not super funny. He is, by many accounts, racist. Misogynistic. Anti-Semitic. His presidency would, most likely, be terrible for everyone. In fact, I am loath to talk about him at all right now, even in jest, given that press of all sorts is the vital sustenance that Trump requires to go on living, and that the surest way to get rid of him altogether would be to just ignore him completely.

But. I am of the belief that the Twitter meme about Ted Cruz being the Zodiac Killer forced him to drop out of the election, so, jokes might be worth a shot with Trump, too. For what it’s worth, there happen to be a lot of really funny tweets about Donald Trump. Check ’em out here:

1. Heh:


2. For all you “Never Hillary” people out there, consider this:


3. Let’s revisit the garbage incident, shall we?


4. It’s just…so beautiful:


5. TRUE:




7. Never forget this classic tweet:


8. Or this one:


9. He really does!




11. This is…gorgeous:


12. Perfect use of the Mr. Krabs meme here:


13. True Veep-heads know:


14. Iconic:


15. Hard to say!


16. Ah, yes. Love a good URL in-joke:


17. Same:


18. Of course, many of Trump’s tweets truly speak for themselves:


19. Don’t they?


20. When your haters don’t think you have one of the highest IQs:


21. When the haters & losers take it too far:


22. Let’s close with this palate cleanser, shall we?


Did you laugh at these tweets? Did you cry? Let us know in the comments!

You can reach the author, Sara Hendricks, on Twitter and Instagram.

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