8 Weird Things Your Period Does To Your Skin

We all know that our periods can make us break out more – in fact, that’s one of the most common complaints about dealing with our monthly *gift,* if you will. But even though the biggest PMS woes are acne, cramps, bloating, headaches, and mood swings, that doesn’t mean that’s all we deal with. Our periods do so many things to our bodies that we probably don’t even realize are happening. That goes for our skin as well – our period does more to our skin than just make it break out.

Thanks to an influx of hormones, our menstrual cycle affects our entire bodies. When we experience things that are happening because of where we are in our cycle, we most likely don’t even know that that’s the reason why. We should know what’s going on in our own bodies though! After a while, it becomes easy to detect a pattern – I know that, personally, a few days before I get my period, I become so irritable that it’s barely safe for me to leave my bedroom – but there are still some things we either never learned about or just don’t think about. Here are eight weird things your period does to your skin, as examples:

Do you experience these skin problems? What else happens to your skin during your period?

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