11 Friendship Goals You’ll Never Be Able To Achieve

If there is one thing I am known for it is probably my notorious, relentless, obsessive dedication towards friendship. I love friendship! In fact, friendship is one of my very favorite things, right after pictures of animals wearing people clothes and reading those food journals where famous people write down everything they eat in a day, like “activated cashews” and . But. while I do love  friends (both having them and the act of being one) one thing I am not super into is the concept of friendship goals.

This probably should not come as a surprise to anyone, really, given that much of my time at Gurl has been dedicated to tearing apart the  components of “relationship goals,”–those pictures of white, heterosexual, conventionally attractive couples doing a variety of activities that are presented as things for other couples to work towards–which I view as one of the most pernicious elements of the internet. Friendship goals are equally, if not more so aggravating–they usually show two white, skinny, blonde girls with culturally-appropriated boxer braids, leotards, and choker necklaces doing something that would not be goals, necessarily, save for the fact that the people doing them adhere to certain aesthetic trends of the moment.

Now, are there some good friendship goals? Have I even propagated some of them as “relatable” and “so you?” Of course I have! But for every tolerable friendship goal, there are at least seventeen totally implausible ones.  Check out these friendship goals you’ll actually never be able to achieve:

1. Welp:

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2. Um. Maybe don’t try for this?



3. This one seems confusing, logistics-wise, yes?

Life is better with laughter and fruit @mariapombo

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4. Come on:

5. Hmmm:




7. No:


8. If you and your squad aren’t all wearing matching flower crowns, you aren’t actually friends:



9. Dangerous! (Also, why are two of them naked?)



10. Based on my multiple viewings of Orange Is The New Black, I feel that I am qualified to say that bail is probably more complicated in situations like this?


11. Must be nice:


What do you think of these friendship goals? Are there any that you like? Let us know in the comments!

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