Is It Normal To Have Saggy Boobs When You’re Young?

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I need help. I’m 14-years-old, and my boobs are size 36C, but is it normal that they’re sagging a bit? They aren’t perky or perfect, they’re falling and I have tried to make them look perkier with smaller bras but it’s not working. I need your help!!! Is this normal??


Celebrities in magazine photoshoots, movies, and TV shows make it seem like every girl out there should have boobs that are perky, full, and the same exact size as each other. When you’re a *regular* person who doesn’t have access to all of the personal trainers and Photoshop geniuses of the world, it can be disappointing to look at your own boobs and realize they’re sagging. But rest assured, it’s completely normal to have saggy boobs, even if you’re still in high school.

Breasts do typically sag as women get older, because the connective tissue in them stretch out with age, which leads to sagging. But aging isn’t the only reason your breasts don’t look super perky – sometimes this happens during puberty, if they grow very quickly, or if a woman has recently lost a lot of weight. And sometimes, sagging breasts just… happen. There isn’t a real reason, and it’s just how your body is. It’s okay! I can’t tell you what’s happening with your boobs, but I don’t think there’s anything abnormal going on at all.

What I can tell you is that wearing a smaller bra isn’t going to make them look better. Smaller cups are going to squeeze your breasts and it will be obvious you aren’t wearing the right size – not to mention it feels really uncomfortable and can be painful. If you feel like you need to do something to perk them up, try wearing a push-up bra. Push-up bras were literally made for that reason – to make your breasts look more full and perky.

A few other things to keep in mind: if you Google “how to make breasts stop sagging,” you’ll see a lot of DIY recipes for creams to use, or even products you can buy. Don’t fall for it. There is no magic cream out there that will make your boobs sag less. You can, however, try working out if you want – sometimes working your chest area strengthens the muscles near your breasts, and can make them appear more perky.

The option that will definitely? Plastic surgery – and I don’t recommend it right now. There’s nothing wrong with getting a boob job, but first try to feel comfortable with yours before you go for that option, since it’s so permanent. Remember: this is happening to so many women. Famous boobs in magazines look amazing because the majority of them are implants – or the celebs got breast lifts. Photos of famous women are almost always Photoshopped, which can also make breasts look better. And on the red carpet, many of them resort to tricks to make breasts look more perky. Take Kim Kardashian, who admitted to literally taping her boobs up to make them look better for events.

The bottom line is that there’s nothing wrong with you. Invest in a good push-up bra, and I guarantee you’ll be happier!

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