12 Real People Share Who They Lost Their Virginity To

Losing your v-card, for most people, is a pretty big deal. It’s something (almost) everyone does at some time in their life, but everyone does it at a different age, in a different place, with a different person, and for different reasons. Some people plan ahead for the perfect setup, and for some people it happens in the spur of the moment. Regardless of what your friends are doing, or social media is telling you, or the latest movies are showing, when you lose your virginity and whom you lose it to are decisions that are entirely up to you, and also does not defines the rest of your sex life. But still, it is something you’ll probably remember forever!

Your partner during your first time having sex is super important to your overall experience, but whether it’s a friend, a significant other, or a total stranger, losing your virginity can still be exciting, surprising, painful, confusing, and a million other things. There’s also no guarantee that even the “perfect” person for your first time will turn into the perfect first time. Still, it’s cool to hear about who other people lost their virginities to, so we asked twelve people to share their stories. Check ’em out here:

It Was Serious At The Time

Anthony, at 16

I think we were together about six months, maybe? I guess it was kind of serious. As serious as a relationship can be in 11th grade. Not our first relationships...but maybe first "more serious."

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Double Date

Anna, at 18

His roommate was dating my roommate. We called it a "room sweep."

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Still Together, Six Years Later

Jenny, at 18

We waited about a year, when we were both in college. We both took it pretty seriously. We weren’t each other’s first relationships but at that time we were the longest relationships either of us ever had. The rest had only lasted a month or two. We actually talked about it a lot leading up to it, trying to decide if it was the right time for us. Not sure how much good that did because when we did end up doing it it was sort of still a surprise and unplanned. But we're still together!

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Total Strangers

Tyler, at 17

I was at a resort in the Dominican Republic. The girl was from France—she spoke poor broken English, I spoke three French sayings, but luckily we both spoke Spanish.

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Feelings Can Be Deceiving

Youssef, at 21

We had been together one year. It felt like love.

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First In More Ways Than One

Brendan, at 17

It was my high school girlfriend. I’d liked her for a while, but we’d only been together for a few weeks I think. She was my first BJ before we dated though. She was wild.

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It Didn't Last

Thomas, at 18

She was a girl that mentioned to one of my friends that she basically wanted to have sex with me. I knew her, but not very well. The first time we really hung out…it happened. We dated for a little while after.

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First Love

Joseph, at 16

We had been together for seven months before we first had sex. We were each other's first loves. We stayed together for 4.5 years. She will forever be immortalized in my mind. Weird how that works.

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Physical Bonding Before Bonding Physically

Steve, at 16

She was a friend of a friend, we were all in high school coaching junior high track together. We were hanging out at my friend's place, and one thing led to another.

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Going To The Chapel?

Derek, at 18

She was my first girlfriend. We started dating my junior year, and had dated for more than a year when we first had sex. At that point, we had come close a few times, but always stopped because at the time we were both pretty religious and wanted to save it for marriage. When it finally happened, I think we both fully believed we would marry each other. Ironically, we did get engaged three years later, but it didn't end up working out. No hard feelings, though, we just realized you and your high school sweetheart tend to change a bit during college.

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Not-So-Happy Ending

Daniel, at 17

It was my only ever high school girlfriend, who eventually cheated on me at prom.

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Web Of Connection

Andrew, at 17

She was a family friend of my younger brother’s best friend.

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Have you lost your virginity? Let us know in the comments!

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