7 Weird Parts Of Your Body Where It’s Totally Normal To Sweat

It’s summer time, which means your butt crack is probably so sweaty.

Okay, wait, let’s rewind for a second: It’s summer time, it’s hot, and we’re all a bunch of sweaty little pigs trying to keep cool in a crop top and a pair of shorts. Unfortunately, even the most airy ensemble can’t stop the dampness settling along your armpits, or your sweat drenched back. We all sweat, but for those of us who tend to sweat very easily, summer can be especially hellish.

What’s more is that while we have deodorant to help out our sweaty pits, we can’t really use that on any other sweaty part of our body. Plus, let’s be real, it’s not just your armpits, back, or face getting covered in sweat. There are other parts–perhaps even some more intimate parts–that are getting sweaty as well. Hey, you’re not the only one who deals with a sweaty vag, okay? In fact, we all deal with sweating from these seven random body parts. Read up and prepare to feel less alone in your puddles of sweat.

Your Butt Crack

Ah, yes. A condition that is formally known as "swamp ass." You're not alone when it comes to this affliction of dealing with a butt crack that feels endlessly wet and sticky. You might have a particularly bad case of it if you live in a humid climate. Woof. There's not much you can do to alleviate this condition, but make sure that your undies are made of a breathable material like cotton. Acrylic, nylon, and other synthetic materials retain heat and moisture, which is the last thing you want. Consider wearing loose, comfy bottoms so that some air can circulate around your rear end comfortably. Otherwise, you're going to have to just deal with wiping your tush any chance you get.

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Your Vag

EVERYONE. WITH. A. VAGINA. EXPERIENCES. CROTCH. SWEAT. It's impossible not to. But what are you to do if your vag literally feels like it is smothered in five layers of sweat? Luckily, there are a few things you can do to relieve yourself. First off, just like with a sweaty butt, make sure you're wearing breathable underwear; get on that 100 percent cotton train, dude. Then, avoid anything that might produce additional heat: trash your panty liners, try to go for a tampon instead of a pad, and even consider letting some of your pubes take a vacation until the colder months. Also, skip the tight pants, your vag will thank you.


Your Boobs

Boob sweat is the bane of every big busted person's existence. Honestly, there's not much you can do about it since you shouldn't slather deodorant under your tits! But don't lose hope just yet. There are some products on the market that are specially designed to fight it, but you'll be fine with a light dusting of baby powder under your boobs.

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Your Scalp

Sweating out your hair during rigorous activity is annoying. Sweating out your hair just by going outside for at least five minutes is straight up infuriating. A quick solution comes in the form of dry shampoo, which will help soak up excess oils and liquid. But make sure your hair isn't absolutely drenched with sweat when you do it: Let yourself cool off first, or dab your scalp with a towel. Hell, if you're in a pinch, dip your head under the hand dryer in the nearest bathroom, then spray away. If you have natural hair, consider placing your hair in a protective style, like braids or bantu knots, and skip the press; you'll just waste time and money.

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Your Eyelids

I cannot be the only one who has sweaty/oily eyelids! It's bad enough on an average day, but in the summer? Yikes. Isn't having oily skin bad enough without your eyes looking like you smeared Vaseline all over them? Consider using primer on your lids if you don't already, and make sure you wear waterproof eye makeup! Don't learn this the hard way.

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Your Legs

Do you experience a ton of sweat between your thighs? What about the back of your knees? Congrats, so do way more people than you realized. For thigh discomfort, consider copping Lush's Silky Underwear Dusting Powder on your inner thighs after you put on lotion. The powder will help ease up on the friction, which is especially helpful if you're sweaty down there and suffer from chub rub. For the back of your knees, try to avoid crossing your legs so much. Otherwise, you might just have to wipe 'em down with a tissue and call it a day.


Your Upper Lip

Beads of sweat on your upper lip/mustache area are mostly harmless, but in the right lighting it can look a little funky. Carry some tissues with you if you suffer from dampness in that area. You could also use some oil absorbing wipes, too. If you also have to deal with oily skin, you'll be killing two birds with one stone.


Where’s your most annoying sweaty spot? Tell us in the comments!

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