9 Surprising Parts Of Your Body That Can Get A Sunburn

You know that saying about how you have to make a mistake so you’ll never do it again? It definitely applies with sunburns. (It also applies to relationships and all-you-can-eat buffets, but we’re here to talk skincare.) It takes one, or maybe two, times when you forget to reapply your sunscreen, and you end up with a painful, lobster red sunburn to never, ever forget to do it again.

Unfortunately, it isn’t the only lesson that you’ll learn when it comes to suncare. Even if you become a diligent sunscreen user, you may not realize right away that when they say that you need to apply sunscreen to your entire body, they really mean your entire body. I thought I was being a good girl and applying sunscreen from head-to-toe. Then I realized that I wasn’t putting my SPF on some key areas. Feet? Nope. Ears? Nah. Scalp? What? It’s another thing that you have to learn the hard way, and by hard way, I mean with a random inflamed part of your body. In my case, it was my feet.

I don’t want you to have to learn this sunscreen lesson the hard way. In the hopes that I can save you from an awful sunburn, I’m here to tell you the random areas of your body that you need to make sure that you’re protecting with sunscreen. Go slap on your SPF and thank me later. Here are nine unexpected parts of your body that you can get a sunburn:


Have you ever put sunscreen on your armpits? Have you ever thought about it? You're definitely not alone here. It's something that doesn't cross many people's minds, but all it takes it one painful sunburn to realize you need to protect your pits. And you need to make sure you reapply your sunscreen frequently because you'll sweat and lose your protection. If you forget to reapply your SPF, moving your arms will not be pleasant.

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If you complain about wearing a bra, imagine wearing one when you have a sunburn on your girls. Ouch. It doesn't matter whether you're wearing a bikini top or going topless at the beach, your boobs can still get burned either way. To reduce your chance of getting sunburned, apply your sunscreen all over your chest when you're topless. If you do it when you're wearing a bathing suit, you might miss some areas that your suit is covering. When you go to the beach and your swimsuit shifts, you could end up with a lobster red burn in that area.

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Sorry, your hair may provide you with some sun protection, but it isn't enough. If you have a cropped hairstyle or you like to wear your hair in an updo at the beach, you're leaving your sensitive ears open to the sun's mercy. And a sunburn on your ears is as bad as burning them with a curling iron. Trust. So when you apply sunscreen to your face, extend it out to your ears.

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Back Of The Knees

Getting burned on the back of the knees is like getting sunburned pits, you usually never think about it until it happens. When you're slapping on your sunscreen on your legs, ensure that the area on the back of your knees is covered. Also, be careful if you like to cross your legs. This can cause your sunscreen to rub off, so keep that bottle handy to reapply it.

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When it comes to makeup, we are always talking about the delicate skin around our eyes, so why is it that we don't often hear about our sensitive eyes in terms of sun protection? Well, you're hearing it from me now. That thin layer of skin can get burned and swollen, and no amount of eye makeup is going to conceal it or make it feel better. Look for gentle sunscreens that are safe to use around the eye area, and make a pair of oversized sunglasses your BFF.

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For some reason, most of us will apply sunscreen all over our legs and not even think about applying it to our feet. What's up with that? We need to be changing our ways because the tops and the soles of our feet can get sunburned. Make it a habit to extend your sunscreen down to your toes, or be prepared to suffer when you have to wear shoes on your red, inflamed feet.

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Back Of The Neck

You might think to apply sunscreen to the front of your neck, but what about the back? Saying that your hair covers your neck is not an excuse. The back of your neck needs sunscreen. When you apply it, make sure that you extend it down a few inches passed any neckline you are wearing. If your shirt shifts, you'll still be protected from the sun's damaging rays.

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If you only apply sunscreen up to your forehead, you're leaving your whole head open to sun damage. If you wear your hair in a parted style or in braids, you need to ensure that you apply sunscreen to those areas because they can burn. Spoiler alert: It is not something you want happening. Even if you don't wear your hair in a parted style, be careful because the sun can still harm your scalp if you have thin hair. Play it safe and always protect your scalp with a lightweight, spray sunscreen. It's better than slapping the white goopy stuff in your hair.

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If you loathe chapped lips, just think about what peeling, sunburned lips would be like. Yeah. The skin on your lips is super thin which means it'll burn faster than the rest of your face. Look for a lippy with SPF protection, or slap some of your regular sunscreen on your pout.

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Have you ever had a sunburn in a random spot? Let us know in the comments!

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