Quiz: Should You Go On The Pill?

There are a lot of different reasons for why people start taking birth control pills. Besides preventing pregnancy, it can also ease your period pain and help clear up your acne. Sign me up, am I right?  But people often hesitate to start birth control pills, since going on any new type of medication can be scary. It is a huge adjustment for your body and sometimes it can be hard to handle. Plus, the pill is definitely a commitment: you have to take it every day at the same time in order for it to work correctly. There are also some medical risks, like an increased chance of blood clots, that can make many hesitant to start the contraceptive,  you are still at risk of sexually transmitted diseases and infections even if you are on the pill.


Of course, you should always be talking to your doctor before starting new medication, but this quiz is designed to help you decide if you really need to start the pill, or if you can wait a bit. Are you ready to take the pill? Take this quiz to find out!

What were your results? What do you think of birth control pills? Tell us in the comments!

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