7 Misogynistic Things Girls Say On A Regular Basis

I wish I could say that guys are usually the only ones spitting sexist garbage, while women always fight against it, standing up for themselves and their fellow woman, and calling out misogynistic nonsense whenever they get the opportunity. Unfortunately, that’s not the case: women can perpetuate hatred, distrust, and disgust toward women, and they do it pretty regularly.

So, get this: We live in a patriarchal society, one that puts men on top. This isn’t to say that there aren’t women who are in positions of power, or women who go on to be super successful despite rampant sexism. It’s simply acknowledging the fact that, in many ways, being a woman comes with a ton of systemic disadvantages. I could go on about wage gap, violence against women, rape culture, body shaming, and more, but I think you get the idea. It would be easier to write off the perpetuation of all of these terrible things as a result of clueless and heartless men, but that’s just not the case. For every guy saying that a girl wearing a short skirt is an invitation for rape, I’ve seen women echo the same sentiments. For every guy saying that the wage gap is made up, I see a woman justifying it by claiming that women work less than men.

Whether internalized misogyny–women having sexist beliefs about women thanks to a sexist society–or something else is to blame really depends on the situation, but the overall point is this: We’ve got to stop supporting sexist BS, even if it means unlearning a lot of things that we think are true about women. If you’re skeptical about just how often we really make sexist statements, see if any of these seven misogynistic things girls say on a regular basis. Rest assured, you’ve heard a few of these things come out of the mouth of your friend, your mom, or some other girl/woman in your life.

'I'm Not Like Other Girls.'

What are other girls like? Oh, you mean other girls who fit into your narrow stereotypes of femininity? Wow, impressive, tell me more about how annoying girls are, and how much you hate having girls as friends, and how much you prefer men's company, because they're so "chill" and free of "drama" unlike every girl on the planet except for you.

Except don't do that. Ever. You are not a special snowflake and nothing good comes out of painting girls with such a broad brush.


'She's Such A Slut!'

At Gurl, we hate the word slut with a fiery passion. This gendered phrase is specifically aimed at girls who have sex, like it, and might not just have it with one person. Period. None of these qualities are seen as "bad" for men, they're seen as a given. "But I'm talking about girls who aren't having sex responsibly!" Uh, plenty of people in committed relationships are doing that. "I'm talking about girls who are two-timers and cheat all the time!" Then that girl is a jerk, and her sexual prowess is unimportant. There's no reason to call a girl a slut unless you think that it's wrong for a girl to enjoy sex, period.

Arrested Development

'She's A Bitch!'

As Nicki Minaj once said, when a man is assertive, he's "bossed up." When a woman is assertive? She's a bitch. The next time you call some girl or woman a bitch, think about why you're saying that. Are the qualities that make them a "bitch" the same qualities that you wouldn't mind in a guy? Think about that the next time you call some female celeb a bitch for being snarky, when you would probably laugh off the same behavior if your fave male celeb did the same thing.


'You Won't Get Any Respect Dressing/Acting Like That.'

It's actually maddening to see women play respectability politics like this, especially when they do it to justify someone's sexual assault. "Well, what did she expect, wearing a short skirt? That was an invitation for rape." Not only does this perpetuate the lie that rapists decide to rape women based on what they're wearing, it also takes responsibility off the men actually doing the raping, and puts the onus on innocent women. Don't do this, and please call out the women (and men) who do this in you presence.

Rosea Lake

'Real Women Look Like THIS.'

In a world where thin women are lauded and praised as the norm, the roots of a term like "real women have curves" is pretty understandable. It's all about solidarity. But these days, the term feels a little harsh when there's a stronger push against body shaming. Plus, there are transgender women out there who might not have wide hips or breasts, but they're still women. We need to stop perpetuating any ideal version of what a woman should look like. Period.


'Who Did She Have To Sleep With To Get That?'

Because, of course, women can't move up in the world or be successful unless they pleased a man sexually. Believe it or not, plenty of women manage without performing sexual favors. If you think that a woman is unqualified or undeserving of their accomplishments, consider whether other factors played a role first before jumping to the conclusion that sex was involved.


'It's A Woman's Responsibility To Do This And That To Keep A Man Satisfied.'

I expect this kind of talk from ignorant dudes, not from young women. And yet, I can't go on Twitter without seeing a girl go on and on about how a woman is meant to cater to her man (as if every woman is heterosexual), and how women are natural this, and men are natural that. Please, enough of that nonsense. Women are not biologically wired to be subservient, and men aren't biologically wired to be crazy control freaks. The sooner women stop shaming other women into fitting some old fashioned mould of femininity or the perfect girlfriend, the better.


What other sexist things do you hear girls say? Tell us in the comments!

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