20 Perfect Tumblr Posts About What It’s Like When You’re Single And Your Best Friend Isn’t

It’s reality that your best friend is going to be in a relationship at some point when you’re single. Just like it is highly likely that she is going to be single when you have a SO. It’s just the way it works. Even if you’re twinning with your bestie for most of the time, you cannot twin with your relationship status. Face it, it would be a bit weird if you and your BFF broke up with different people on the same day, then decided to ~*make it official*~ with two other people on another day.

It isn’t so bad if you’re the one in the relationship and your best friend is single, because you swear to yourself that you’re going to dedicate a good amount of time to both your bestie and your bae. However, it always seems different when the situation is reversed. Your best friend probably swore the same thing, but when you’re the single AF friend, you always seem to feel like your best friend is never quite there 100 percent of the time for you. When you’re used to being on Snapchat for hours with your bestie and spending endless afternoons lounging in her bedroom and it suddenly stops, it can be difficult. I get it. Even if you want your best friend to be happy and you actually approve of her relationship, it doesn’t make things easier on you. If you’re feeling like you’ve been ditched, don’t worry, you’re not alone. These 20 Tumblr posts get what it is like to be a single sister:

1. When everyone seems to have plans but you:



2. You when you look at your best friend and her boyfriend, and you wonder when it is going to be your turn:



3. What you’ll be doing all the time:



4. You every single time you see your bestie kiss her BF:



5. You when you find out another person is in a relationship:



6. When your best friend asks if you’re alright, and you don’t want to be totally negative:



7. When you try your hardest at looking like you’re not bothered by your BFF and her SO:



8. When your BFF is convinced that there has to be someone with potential in your life:



9. You after your best friend has been in a relationship for awhile, and you don’t remember the last time you were in one:



10. When you stupidly agree to hang out with your best friend and her bae:



11. When you hate your bestie’s boyfriend and can’t say nothing:



12. What you really want to say to your best friend sometimes:



13. When you realize you’re going to have to come up with a new role besides adviser:



14. You at deflecting any relationship question:



15. What every single day looks like for you:



16. You at every event where your best friend and her boyfriend are:



17. You when you try to make it look like you love being single in front of your friend compared to what you’re doing when you’re alone:



18. When you just can’t deal with it anymore:



19. You when you start thinking about who to hang out with besides your bestie:



20. What every single Friday, Saturday, and Sunday are like:



Have you been single when your best friend had a SO? Let us know in the comments!

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