8 Types Of Crop Tops You Should Already Have In Your Closet

A few things I’m grateful for: My family, friends, health, opportunity, and crop tops. Yes, I have a crop top agenda: I want everybody to wear them, regardless of body type and regardless of gender.

I’m probably not the person that most fashion brands target crop tops to: I don’t have a flat stomach and my favorite skinny jeans give me a tiny bit of a muffin top if I’m going to be perfectly honest. But do I GAF? Nah, because I like the way I look in crop tops and I like the way I look in them. It’s as simple as that.

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Give me a pair of high waist jeans and a crop top and I’ve got an outfit that makes me feel rad and a midriff that feels free as a bird. But variety is the spice of life, right? Which means that your life will be, er, spicier (I don’t know) if you have multiple types of crop tops to choose from. Check out these seven types of crop tops you should have in your closet already. From classic crop tees to crop tops that you can rock when it’s cold out, use this slideshow to help determine which ones are missing from your wardrobe.


Loose Fitting Crop Top

Psst, this is the top I'm wearing in the photo above! As somebody who gets really hot and sweaty in warm weather, a loose fitting crop is a godsend. But shapeless articles of clothing can be a bit daunting, especially for those of us with large frames. But rocking one successfully is all about how you style it. Throw in some contrast by pairing a loose fitting crop with your favorite pair of high waist skinny jeans. Or, if it's long enough, tie a knot in the front so that the top will look a little fitted without feeling constricting.

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Crop Tank Top

You can either rock a classic crop tank like the one shown--which would look rad with a pair of high waist denim--or go for other varieties. There are cropped halter tops, cropped tube tops, cropped sleeveless tops that are super strappy...you do you!

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Crop Top Sweater/Pullover

I am all about the wintertime crop top! Be on the lookout for thick knits with some weight to them, so you know it won't be too thin to fulfill it's winter crop top destiny. If you can find a long sleeve variety, you're absolutely golden, but a short sleeved variation could work too as long as you know it would be way too hot to wear in warm weather.

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Long Sleeve Crop Top

Crop tops aren't just for warm weather. A great long sleeved crop, especially if it's on the thinner side material wise, can be a great transitional piece between seasons. They're also great for layering, like rocking underneath sleeveless dresses.

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Sporty Crop Top

Pairing a sporty crop top with a pair of loose fitting denim makes for an awesome outfit with a bit of a throwback flare. Throw in some sneakers or chunky platform sandals and you're golden. They also look nice paired with a jacket, just in case you don't want to show too much skin.

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Crop Turtleneck

If you love turtlenecks, you should absolutely have a cropped version in your wardrobe. Whether it's long sleeved or sleeveless, you'll love pairing it with any bottoms you can imagine. Better yet, since turtlenecks have a sophisticated edge to them, you can dress a cropped version up or down without looking ridiculous.

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Form Fitting Crop Top

If you're not afraid to rock tight tops, definitely go for a tight crop top. They're a great contrast to more billowing bottoms like wide leg pants and circle skirts. They're also great to rock in cold weather because they'll keep you warm!

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Cropped Bustier

Bustiers are badass, and if you find one that actually fits your boobs, it can be great to rock as a layering piece with a killer pair of denim shorts or a maxi skirt.

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Do you wear crop tops pretty regularly or nah? Would you wear a crop sweater in the winter, or do you fear for your tummy developing frostbite? Tell us in the comments!

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