7 Real Girls Discuss If The Pull Out Method Works

There are a lot of scary things about sex: a parent finding out that you do it, getting an STD, or even being pressured into having it. Sex can be a great experience for both you and your partner, but there are also a lot of risks and intimidating aspects of it. One of the scariest topics frequently brought up on our boards is pregnancy.

Our users love to share tips and stories about sex. Recently, user Thatgurlkalei brought up a common sex topic: the pull out method. She wrote, “Does the pull out method actually work?” You know the pull out method: you’re having fun with bae and decide not to use a condom, and he can pull out just before he finishes. There are many forms of birth control; condoms,  the pill, even female condoms, but it’s hard to say which one actually works. Here is what some of our users said regarding the pull out method.  Since everybody is different, what works for some people might not work for others. It’s also important to remember that the pull out method does not prevent STDs.  You should always consult a doctor to discuss what birth control method is best for you. Either way, check out what these girls have to say about the pull out method:

It Depends

gamergirl117 said, "It can. Depends though. Some pre-cum has sperm in it. It's not the safest."

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Very Innefective!

brandneweyes00 said, "No, it is highly ineffective."

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Nope, Use A Different Kind Of Method

WaterBaby said, "It's not the safest, so I'm not going to recommend it.  It's definitely not a good form of birth control if you don't like having to wait until your next period to know for sure that you're not pregnant. And I'd recommend another kind just so there aren't any accidents, that's why I'm getting an IUD soon."

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Don't Recommend It

OmgitsRira said, "Not to say it doesn't work at all (for every 100 women, about 30 of them have an accidental pregnancy within the first year of using the withdrawal method alone, so it does work for some.) But it's really not recommended unless the couple are monogamous to each other, because of STD/I's"

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You Can't Count On the Guy!

ShellyB said, "In theory it probably works but you are counting on a guy to be smart at the moment all his blood is out of his brain elsewhere in his body!"

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Not Reliable

SweetTayla said, "You're relying on a guy pulling out when his natural instinct is to get you pregnant. The risks should be pretty obvious, and becoming a teenage single mother is a pretty good way to ruin your future."

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Not Safe

Brandie said, "It really isn't safe since the guy can make a mistake and pre-cum can have sperm in it too"

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Have you tried the pull out method? What do you think of what our girls say? Talk about it on our boards!

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