10 Unexpected Places On Your Body You’ll Find Hair

We know that body hair is a completely normal and natural thing. No matter how much we might try to remove all of our little hairs, with razors or waxes or lasers, we all have it, and we probably always will. It’s no big deal! That being said, who hasn’t been showering and felt surprised to discover hair in a certain place you never thought it would be? It might be a single thick follicle in the middle of your chin, or it might be a patch of hair you never noticed before. Have you ever glanced in the mirror and suddenly noticed a thick, black hair on your cheek, and thought, “OMG has this always been here?!” You’re not alone. It’s happened to me, except the last time it was on my jawline. If you think the time of the month you get your period is a surprise, this comes up pretty close on the list of body surprises.

We expect to find hair on our legs, our arms, under our arms, and even on our toes. But there are some unexpected places on your body you’ll find hair that might make you feel a little freaked out, or maybe strangely interested. When you find that random hair, please don’t feel like you’re gross or weird – you’re not! Here are ten surprising spots you’ll find body hair, just do you know you definitely aren’t alone. Whether you want to shave, wax, pluck, or leave them alone is up to you… just don’t stress over ’em.

Your Nipples

Have you ever noticed a long, random hair sprouting from your nipple? Or maybe a bunch of hairs? Or maybe so many hairs you've wondered if you can actually shave there? Don't worry - you're fine. Approximately 30 percent of women have nipple hair, and it's always different, and it's totally normal - we have hair follicles there, even if you never realized it.

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Your Ears

Ear hair isn’t just for grandpas.! Having hair growing from the inside of your ears isn't super common, but it also isn't weird or an indication that anything is wrong. You may notice some fuzz on the outside of your ears, or even on the inside. It could be thick and dark, or it could be very light and fuzzy. The next time you’re putting in your earrings, take a look.

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Your Butt

If you have hair on your lower back, it usually extends down to your butt cheeks. Stray hairs can sprout on your cheeks, as well as in the entire butt crack/Brazilian wax area. The hair might be difficult to see in the shower, but have a look for yourself in the mirror.

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Your Back

Back hair isn’t something that is strictly for dudes. Girls can have it too. For women, hair on the back is most common on their lower back, but it can definitely grow elsewhere too. Don’t be surprised if you have some strands along your shoulder area.

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Your Cheeks

Most of the human body is coated in some fine hair. If you look closely in a mirror, you will see it on your cheeks. You might even notice some darker hairs, too. The face shaving trend that has been making its way around the internet gets rid off this fuzz and leaves your skin completely smooth. Marilyn Monroe reportedly did it.

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Some people’s leg hair may stop at their ankles, but others might notice strands sprouting from their toes, especially their big ones. It can be light and barely noticeable, or thick and dark.

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Your Jawline

You might have noticed hairs on your upper lip, but that’s not the only place on your face you can get ‘em. You can find hair on the entire beard area. Most girls do not produce enough hair to require shaving, but you may notice a few darker ones around your chin and jawline.

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Your Hands

Fun fact: Like most things, it’s down to genetics whether you have hair growing on the back of your hands. If you do, it may be a very light fuzz, or you may notice a few darker hairs at the base of your fingers.

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Your Neck

Most of us don’t really give our necks much thought so it’s understandable if you haven’t noticed any hairs here before. You might have a few below your jawline, but you can also have some stray whiskers popping up over the entire area.

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Your Stomach

Don’t be shocked to see some light fuzz covering your torso. You might also notice a trail of darker hair that goes down the center of your stomach, specifically under your belly button.

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Have you discovered hair in another unexpected place? Let us know in the comments!

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