19 Of The Funniest Tweets Ever About Having No Friends

If you’ve ever gone through a period of feeling friendless–whether you’ve just moved to a new place, had a falling-out with your besties, or just don’t particularly like anyone in your life at the moment–social media is notoriously one of the worst places to go to. Everywhere you look is a verified FOMO trap–you’ll see pictures of people eating brunch (without you), going to parties (without you), and/or, like, going on exotic, sensibly-priced, life-affirming group deals for Alaskan Cruises (also without you).

But. In addition to your standard collection of FOMO-inducing images, the Internet is also filled with people who are also feeling friendless–it’s just a little harder to find them. Twitter, for example, is filled with really funny people who, apparently, have no friends and have decided to give us some jokes about it. So, here, check ’em out–the funniest tweets about having no friends:

1. Group projects = your absolute worst nightmare:

2. School in general, actually, kinda sucks:

3. You yearn for the day that you might enter that mythic “friend zone:”


4. This is your summer. Every summer:


5. This is your fall. Every fall:


6. Is “having no friends” your actual kink? VERY POSSIBLY, TBH:


7. Like, simply based on the way you act, that’s probably the case:


8. In fact, it’s almost like your daily behavior encourages people to stay away from you:


9. What, people don’t like this?


10. Or this?


11. Thought you had friends? Think again:


12. You relate, on a spiritual level, to this dog. You don’t know why. You just do:


13. This seems perfectly valid, tbh:


14. It’s gotten to the point where you have to turn to random people who literally cannot escape you to rehash your daily thoughts:


15. As well as some, ahem, personal ads:

16. Your bullies have gone through some very extreme lengths to ensure that your life is miserable:

17. Maybe you’ve just…used this tactic for everyone?

18. Though, to be quite honest, you don’t even need anyone else:

19. You’re the only friend you need:

Could you relate to any of these tweets? Which one was your fave? Let us know in the comments!

You can reach the author, Sara Hendricks, on Twitter and Instagram.

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