14 Easy Ways To Make Your Stinky Feet Smell Better

Our bodies are amazing things that can accomplish amazing feats. Breathing, walking, and talking are incredible enough when you think about it, and then you consider dancing, climbing mountains, and having sex. Our bodies also do some pretty gross things, too. Like drooling, and farting, and actually, having sex. We all have gross habits that we could control – biting your nails, picking at split ends, leaving your makeup on overnight – and then we have the gross bodily functions we can’t do much about – burping, sweating, and producing body odor. This is especially true for our feet, especially during the hot days of summer. In fact, summer and stinky feet basically go hand in hand, which can be a huge bummer when you consider how often you might be barefoot during those months. Who wants to take their shoes off at the pool, only to allow everyone around them to breathe in the smell of foot sweat?

No one wants to smell bad. Fortunately, we have those great things called showers to help us clean ourselves. However, certain areas of the body are worse than others… such as our feet. Smelly feet are never pleasant, but they’re one of the more difficult body parts to keep free of odor. Our feet our cooped up in socks and shoes all day, trapping sweat and encouraging bacteria to grow. Of the 2-3 million sweat glands on our bodies, 1/2 million are on our feet. That’s a lot of sweat. Instead of hiding in embarrassment, try one of these methods to treat foot odor. They’re easy, they won’t cost much money, and they’ll really help.

Baking Soda And Citrus

Baking soda minimizes odor as well as killing bacteria and fungus, which can be the root of the problem. As an astringent, lemon helps prevent sweating. Mix up this recipe for a soak to stop the stench.

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While there are many powders on the market specifically intended to reprieve foot stench, sprinkling regular corn starch into your shoes can work just as well.

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Sprinkle borax powder in your shoes in your shoes to disinfect and kill bacteria. You can probably find this in a cleaning store, but of course, it's also sold on Amazon.

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Vinegar dries out your feet, which stops sweat. If there's no sweat, bacteria can't feed off of anything, and they die. Bacteria = bad smell, so it works! Dilute one part vinegar with two parts water for a soak.

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Like vinegar, salt dries out your skin and makes it more difficult for bacteria to live on your feet. Soak in salt water for a simple solution to stench. This also feels really comforting if you use warm water, and helps with any cuts you might have on your feet.

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Sage And Rosemary Soak

These herbs aren't just for potpourri. Sage and rosemary are both astringents with antifungal and antibacterial properties - plus, they both smell good. Make a soak with dried sage and rosemary to help minimize the production of sweat.

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If you don't want to take the time for a soak, put dried sage in your shoes to absorb odor and leave your feet smelling like the aromatic plant instead.

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Lavender oil smells good, which will help mask the odor, and its antifungal properties will kill bacteria. Put fresh lavender in your shoes or just buy the oil and put it on your feet.

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It might sound like a new health smoothie that's all the rage, but you can actually make a ginger puree that can be massaged into your feet to eliminate odor.

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Black Tea

Black tea naturally kills bacteria on your feet, and the acidity closes your pores against excessive sweating. Have a tea party for your feet and don't invite odor.

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Sugar Scrub

Exfoliating can remove dead skin that may be contributing to the smell. Use simple ingredients for a DIY sugar scrub to use regularly.

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Buying the right kind of socks can help keep foot odor at bay. Cotton is more breathable than most fabrics, like nylon, and are less likely to cause excessive sweating leading to smelly feet.

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Disinfectant Spray

Disinfectant spray is the best attack on shoes that carry odor. Spray your shoes the night before you wear them, and put a pair of socks in the shoes that are also sprayed. They'll be refreshed and ready to go the next day.

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No, you can't use onions to get rid of foot odor—you should watch what you eat, including smelly foods like onions and garlic, because the smell can be released through your sweat. Sweaty, onion-smelling feet are even worse than the regular kind.

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Do your feet smell a lot? How do you get rid of body odor? Tell me in the comments!


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