12 Easy Dorm Decor Ideas That Lazy Girls Will Actually Want To Do

There are few things more intimidating than being faced with the prospect of decorating an empty dorm room. This is because dorm rooms–which, lest you forgot, are a blank space that’s supposed to house all of your belongings, serve as a buffer between you and your roommate, and speak for your entire personality, all while being about one square food wide– usually require two things to decorate them: technical skill and a lot of intrinsic motivation.

If this sounds like it’s coming from a deeply personal place, that’s because it is. I possess neither technical skill nor intrinsic motivation , and as a result, my dorm room freshman year remained mostly undecorated for its entirety. Yeah, I slapped some pictures of my friends from home on the wall, because leaving the walls completely bare tends to give off extreme “you’ll read about me in the alumni magazine in ten years not for my personal accomplishments, but rather for becoming a serial killer” vibes, but that was pretty much it. I’d visit my friends down the hall with their meticulously-organized rooms with fairy lights and DIY crafts and think Hmm, I should really do something like this, but never actually did.

Does this sound like you? It doesn’t have to! I’ve found a bunch of dorm decoration ideas that require minimal effort and minimal skill, so, even if you are moderately-to-severely lazy–like me–you’ll actually feel motivated to do them. So, if you, too, are lacking in both intrinsic motivation and technical skill, but still want to have the best dorm in your hall, check out these decor ideas that you’ll actually want to do:

1. Door dots:




You literally just cut circles out of paper and tape them to your door. So easy!


2. DIY Zen Garden:



Find a vase. Pour sand in it. Stick in your pens. Throw a succulent in there if you’re feeling EXTRA motivated.


3. Succulent planter:



SPEAKING OF SUCCULENTS. These are the best dorm decorations because they require minimal care but happen to look adorable literally anywhere.


4. Monogram Mason Jar:



This looks like it takes a lot of effort, but all you need is a Mason jar,  some paint, and a stencil with your initial. Paint over the stencil, and, well, you’ll have this.


5. Pastel Mason jars:



Or, you can skip the stencil and just paint a jar. Still looks cute, still requires almost zero effort.


6. Hometown price photo frame:




Get a two-part photo frame and stick pictures of your friends in the top section and a postcard from your home state in the bottom.


7. Lots o’ pillows:



Buy a bunch of pillows and throw them on your bed. No one will notice that you haven’t decorated the rest of your room!


8. Polaroid collage:



This is a nice, sneaky dorm hack because it works best as a “minimalist” effort. Just throw some photos on your wall in a pattern (or not) and you’re totally free to leave the rest of the wall blank.


9. String lights in the corner:



It can be daunting to put string lights all around a room, but they look pretty great when they’re just hung  straight in a corner, too.


10. Tapestries:




Tapestries are the easiest way to brighten up your room–you can string some lights across, too, if you want a little extra zing.


11. Tennis ball “friends:”



Lol. But this is also stupidly easy–all you have to do is cut into a tennis ball and stick it onto a suction cup–and, for what it’s worth, is an excellent conversation piece.


12. Wire memo board:



Wire memo boards are a great investment, since all you have to do when you get them is stick photos or mementos on them. They also works well in a minimalist setting, so you won’t have to do a ton of other decorating.


Are you going to try out any of these decoration ideas? Which ones? Let us know in the comments!

You can reach the author, Sara Hendricks, on Twitter and Instagram.

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