18 Of The Cutest Fruit DIY Projects You’ll Ever See

Sometimes DIY projects are straight up hacks that make your life easier and show you how to do things with objects you’ve never thought of before. Other times, DIY projects are a great way to save money and get something you’ve been wanting. On certain occasions, they make excellent sentimental gifts. And other times, some crafts are just so fun and so aesthetically pleasing that you want to make them even if they aren’t necessary to your life. By that I mean a craft that can still be useful and helpful, but isn’t something you absolutely need. That pretty much describes these adorable fruit DIY projects that are all over Pinterest right now.

I’m not sure what it is about these fruits that make them so cute. Maybe it’s because they’re bright and colorful and a little bit different and unique. Maybe it’s because they remind everyone of summer, when the weather is nice and you’re in a good mood. Maybe it’s because I really like fruits! The world may never know. But I do know that these fruit crafts are so freakin’ great, you’ll want to spend your entire summer putting them together. Use these for yourself (they can spruce up your bedroom or dorm room), save them as gifts, or just do ’em for fun. Do you really need a reason? Nope.

1. Make the cutest fruit coasters out of cork material. 



These would make a really great gift, if you’re feeling charitable, so they’re great for your room. You don’t have to live on your own to have coasters – they’re great for protecting your furniture when you’re vegging out in bed.


2. Take boring white sneakers and make them fun with a watermelon print.



These summery shoes can be worn all season long for comfort and style.


3. Make rainy days brighter with these DIY fruit umbrellas. 



Stand out in a sea of black umbrellas on rainy days with these bright and fun options.


4. Create your own small pouch decorated with fruit.



Having little pouches like these can be a life saver – use them to hold makeup, nail polish, or to keep a large handbag more organized.


5. Brighten up any room with a DIY fruit bulletin board.



Stay on top of your sh*t in the most stylish way. These fruit bulletin boards would be a great addition to a drab dorm room, but really work anywhere.


6. Put together the most welcoming welcome mat ever.



A doormat might not seem exciting, but when it’s decorated with little fruits, it becomes fun. This is a great gift!


7. Decorate your next party with DIY fruit garland.



Throwing a party or BBQ anytime soon? If so, get creative and decorate with this fruit garland. It’s a good decoration even if you’re not having people over.


8. Make magnets fun by making them into fruit.



Who knew you could love magnets so much, honestly?


9. Go for a whimsical fruity necklace for a summer look.



Why wear a dainty gold charm when you could wear something this fun and bright? This unique necklace will definitely stand out in a crowd.


10. Save this tutorial for the fall, then decorate some unique pumpkins. 



Who says you can’t paint a pumpkin something that isn’t remotely related to Halloween?


11. DIY your own watermelon tote bag. 



Smile every time you take a textbook or notebook out of this tote bag, because it’s so damn adorable.


12. Spruce up a boring white shirt with a fruit pocket.



This addition is so cute without being overbearing. It’s the perfect graphic tee for summer!


13. Keep clean with some DIY watermelon napkins.



Even if you aren’t planning a dinner party, you can still have some fun with fruit napkins.


14. Create fruit wrapping paper to make every gift you give that much better. 



Honestly, who needs to buy wrapping paper when you can make your own?


15. Keep the dark away with a fun pineapple nightlight.



This craft is simple, so awesome to look at, and useful.


16. Decorate with a strawberry planter.



This planter gives a nice burst of color wherever you put, and it would also make an excellent present.


17. Turn white shorts into watermelon shorts.



White shorts get dirty fast, so you probably have a pair that need some updating. Make them into watermelon shorts for the perfect summer outfit.


18. Make mini watermelon bags for anything you’d like.



These little pouches are so cute, it doesn’t even matter what you do with them. You can also take this technique and use it on a larger bag.

Which one of these DIY fruit crafts are you going to try to make? What’s your favorite fruit? What did I forget to add here? Let me know in the comments.

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