21 Tweets That Prove How Stupid The #HeterosexualPrideDay Hashtag Is

I don’t know who started the #HeterosexualPrideDay hashtag, and I don’t know if I want to know. But whether it was someone trolling or someone who sincerely believed that heterosexuality needs to be celebrated–as if it isn’t celebrated, normalized, and accepted 24/7–a lot of people are taking it seriously. I’ve already seen several straight people make statements that go a little something like this: “What’s wrong with being proud to be straight? Why is it okay to be tolerate to gay people, but not to straight people? Why shouldn’t we celebrate heterosexuality?”

As a straight person, I want to tell my fellow straights to shut the hell up.

Most pride based holidays are were created as a way to celebrate marginalized groups, their struggles, and their history in spite of their marginalization. It’s why Black History Month exists. It’s why Women’s History Month exists. It’s why LGBTQ Pride Month exists. It’s why White History Month doesn’t exist, and definitely why Heterosexual Pride Day doesn’t need to exist. Quite frankly, when it comes to straightness, what is there to be proud of? Why should I or any other straight person feel proud that we can openly kiss their partner in public without receiving harassment? Why should we feel proud that we’re seen as the societal norm? Why should we feel proud that the number one killer of LGBTQ people are straight, cis-gender people? There’s nothing wrong with being straight, but in a world where gay people are still systematically oppressed, there’s nothing about being straight that deserves solidarity. To get a better idea of what I’m talking about, check out these 21 tweets that prove just how ridiculous the idea of Heterosexual Pride Day truly is.



2. And on that note…




4. How hard is it? Well, take a look at this!


5. This is a privilege that a lot of straight people take for granted.




7. OMG.


8. Being straight, such a struggle.


9. I mean, probably.


10. Just a reminder that GAY MEN STILL CAN’T DONATE BLOOD UNLESS THEY’VE BEEN CELIBATE FOR A YEAR. Ten levels of WTF. It’s like we’re still living in the ’80s.


11. Reminder.


12. For those of you who think that any identity is worthy a pride holiday…


13. Straight people want to be oppressed so badly.


14. I MEAN…


15. In which Heterosexual Pride Day is really just a toxic masculinity pissing contest.


16. This is a good assessment.


17. Basically.


18. Bye!




20. And for everyone who forgot how effed up this all is.


21. In conclusion…


What’s your take on this hashtag? Tell us in the comments!

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