19 #GrowingUpWithLenientParents Tweets That Will Enrage You If You Have Strict Parents

Growing up in my parents’ household was pretty easy. My mom and dad are the liberal, soft-hearted, easy-going types who never really seemed to see the value in going overboard with lots of rules and regulations, and as such, I never really had a ton to deal with.  This isn’t to say that my parents weren’t deeply involved in my academic life life–my mom knew the names of every single one of my teachers, and grew panicky if I befriended someone whose parents she didn’t know personally, since she prides herself on being the most well-connected person in our town–but, as long as my grades were good and I wasn’t, like, ingesting trans fats (Daphne and Jim are very passionate about organic food), I was pretty free to do as I pleased.

Or, at least, I thought I was, until I saw #GrowingUpWithLenientParents trending last night. I was excited to see this, since strict parents tend get most of the attention on the internet and, as someone who once had to ask my parents to ground me after getting a bad grade on a chemistry exam sophomore year, I thought I could relate. But my parents are, like, literal Tiger Parents compared to some of the moms and dads featured on this hashtag. So, whether your parents are lenient, strict, or somewhere in the middle, check out these #GrowingUpWithLenientParents tweets:

1. The curfew does not exist:


2. Really. It doesn’t:


3. When your parents never say no, so you straight-up have to lie if you want to get out of something:


4. Or use “I’ll ask my mom” purely as a stalling technique:


5. Since you’re going to have to ask them to deny you anything:




7. Does your mom know where you are at any point of the day? If so, you don’t really have lenient parents:


8. You don’t even have to scam lenient parents–they just scam themselves:


9. What a freeing experience:


10. Restrictions? What are those?


11. No, really. Explain the concept please:


12. *Angel Emoji*


13. School = an unnecessary inconvenience, tbh:


14. Just try an prove anything otherwise:


15. Get you a parent who can do both:


16. Of course, there are those who just straight-up cannot relate:


17. It’s written right on their face:


18. You can always…imagine, I guess?


19. Must be nice:

Are your parents strict or lenient? Which of these tweets was your fave? Let us know in the comments!

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