15 Of The Worst Things About Being An Introvert During Summer Vacation

You know what people on the internet love to talk about, above all else? It’s not outrage over nothing in particular, nor is it a unified obsession over adorable baby animals (though those are obviously front runners!). No, people on the internet, for the most part, seem unable to stop talking about being an introvert. If you were to look at any website, blog, or Twitter account that you like to frequent, if you scroll through them, sooner or later you’ll come across some sort of post or meme about introversion, and, generally, why it makes life hard. It is so relatable!

I too bear the qualities commonly associated with introversion–meaning that I gain energy from being alone, as opposed to recharging from being surrounded by people, as an extrovert might, and, for the most part, I like it. I will say, however, that being an introvert can make the summer a bit of a drag. It’s an extended period of time in which you’re free of structure and the obligation to see other people, which is great, but can often lead to seeing literally no one over the summer. Obviously, summer is still fun, and being an introvert can’t really control your life as much as some people might believe–you are the master of your fate and the captain of your soul! not your introversion!–but there’s just something about summer in particular that makes being an introvert feel particularly sucky. Check out the worst things about being an introvert during the summer:

1. Initially feeling elated over having a long period of time in which you aren’t required to see other people…



2. …which quickly turns into the realization that, if you aren’t required to see anyone, you will not see people. Ever:



3. Running through the list of people in your head who you might be able to hang out with without feeling completely drained:



4. Sitting in your house and thinking, hmmm, I should text someone to do something right now, but never quite managing it:



5. Trying to compose a text to hang out with someone, but not really being sure what to say since your heart isn’t really in it: 



6. Hanging out with the same three people the entire summer and feeling paranoid that they’re growing sick of you:



7. That time of night when it’s time to decide what you want to do, and knowing if you go out, you’ll just want to come home, but if you stay home, you’ll want to go out:



8. Making plans with other people because you should get out, technically, but when the day arrives, you’d rather do…literally anything else:



9. People getting mad at you for cancelling on them:



10. People acting like they’ve seen a ghost if you actually do show up places:



11. Dragging yourself to events and spending the whole time wishing you were home, in your basement, watching Orange Is The New Black:



12. Or, if you don’t go, feeling that inescapable FOMO regarding parties you turned down, but look sooo great on Instagram: 



13. Not getting any tan whatsoever, since you spent the majority of summer inside:



14. Coming back to school in September knowing lots and lots about which memes were especially popular over the summer, but not much in the way of “Summer Lovin'”-type hookup stories to share:



15. When people ask you what you did over the summer, and having no option but being 100% honest:


Are you an introvert? Could you relate to this? Let us know in the comments!

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