7 Girls Give Advice On Being On Top During Sex

Sex: Everyone does it differently. Some people like being on top, some people like being on bottom, some people prefer standing up…. it’s all up to you. But sometimes, you don’t quite know how to do it; “it” being a new position you want to try. That’s okay! You aren’t born knowing how to have sex, that would be weird. It takes time and practice. Sometimes, you jut need advice. For instance, how do you successfully have sex while being on top?

User OmgItsRira has similar questions. She posted this on our boards recently: “I’ve attempted riding on top with my guy twice now and both times he’s popped out and I hurt him (thankfully nothing serious.) Needless to say: my stroke game suuuuucks. In what is perhaps the most graphic thread I started, yes, I’m asking all of you ladies how to ride dick. We both enjoy it… until we end up punching each other in the genitals. I should also point out that he also moves along with me.”

Having sex in new positions can be scary. Trying anything new is intimidating, but especially when it comes to sex.  Another user, pewpewser, was also intimidated by the act. She posted, “I’m uncomfortable with being on top during sex (cowgirl, reverse cowgirl, blah) and I never really know what to do when I’m up there. Can anyone help me with any tips and tricks?” Lucky for these girls, there are many “sex hacks” that can help sex be a little bit more easy and fun. Here are some tips that our users shared.

Have you tried any of these tips? Which ones work? Tell us in the comments!

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