7 Gross Facts About Shaving

Shaving is a lot of things: painful, time-consuming, annoying… I could go on for hours. But have you ever thought about how certain aspects of shaving can be really gross? There are certain things that can happen to your body when you shave, and you probably don’t even realize it. I mean, have you ever thought about just how weird the act of shaving is? You need to buy the right razor, use the right shaving cream, and carefully (very carefully) use these otherwise dangerous items (well, item) to remove hundreds of tiny pieces of hair from your body. We’ve become more than accustomed to it, though… so much so that we don’t really think about what’s going on while we do it. This seemingly normal act can actually cause a lot of gross issues. 

Obviously shaving is a choice. Some people prefer it, some people don’t. Both opinions are totally valid! There are pros and cons to both shaving and going au naturel. If you decide to remove your body hair with a razor, it’s important to learn some of the possible risks and gross stuff that can happen when you shave carelessly or too often.  So, if you’re someone who shaves a lot, you should definitely keep these things in mind and be sure to use caution next you’re gearing up to get smooth legs. Here are seven gross facts about shaving you never knew:

Do you shave your legs, or are you totally over it? Do any of these facts surprise you? Tell us in the comments!

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