12 Genius Tips On How To Make Your Bedroom Look Clean Even When It’s Messy

Unless you are a compulsive cleaner who keeps her bedroom neat and tidy at all times, you’ve definitely found yourself in this situation: your bedroom is a huge mess, you’ve been putting off cleaning it for weeks, and suddenly, a friend or crush wants to come over… or, even worse, your mom tells you she’s coming to check out the room you were supposed to clean, but didn’t. Suddenly, you are the actual human version of that Caveman Spongebob meme, frantically scanning your bedroom for a way to make it look clean in minutes even though it is so, so messy. 


I get it. I am not a clean person! My bedroom is always a disaster. I have had many experiences where I have to make it look acceptable in under 20 minutes when, in reality, it needs about a four-hour deep clean. I’ve been there so many times, in fact, that I’ve come up with a few tricks that make even the messiest room look more neat within minutes. These tips include some fast de-cluttering moves, but they don’t involve heavy cleaning or anything that will take up too much time. And yet, they make a world of difference!

So, if you’re praying for a way to get your bedroom clean in moments, I’m here for you. These aren’t long-term solutions, but they certainly are helpful in the moment. Plus, they can be applied to any room in your house – whether you have your own place, you’re in a dorm room, or you’re just worried about where you sleep. Here are 12 genius tips on how to make your room look clean even when it’s messy that will honestly change everything.

Pull Your Comforter Up

A bed that's made has the ability to make even the messiest room look a little bit more put together. Unfortunately, tucking in corners and fixing sheets takes a little while, and sometimes, we just don't have time. If you're really in a rush, simply smooth your sheets as best as you can and pull the comforter up as much as you can. Fluff up your pillows with a quick punch, then place them nicely. It takes two minutes and makes a huge difference. And no one will know it isn't made!

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Throw Away The Garbage

Garbage obviously makes any room look more cluttered and, frankly, gross. Run around and grab any loose garbage you see - crumbled up papers, that plastic Oreos container that missed the pail, stickers from new clothes, etc. It only takes a moment and will at least make the room look a little bit less messy. Clothes on the floor aren't disgusting - but loose garbage is.

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Get Rid Of The Garbage

Once you put everything in the garbage pail, actually get rid of it. Throw it into the garbage pail in another room, if you're really in a rush, or quickly tie it up and leave it for pickup. A trashcan stuffed full of garbage is going to look almost as bad as leaving it all over the floor.

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Buy Cute Bins With Lids

If you have a lot of little items all over the place, do yourself a favor and buy yourself some bins that have lids. That way, when you're cleaning in a rush, you can throw things in the bins, and then put the lid on them. The bins will make your room look organized, even if they're stuffed with old makeup, books, keychains, and whatever else was on the floor.

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Light Some Candles

Candles make every room look prettier - it's a fact! Even if your dresser is a little cluttered, a warm flickering candle light makes it look like organized chaos. Plus, people are less likely to notice that you haven't actually cleaned when your room smells lovely and sweet, not old and stale.

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Get Rid Of Any Food

Leaving old food in your room is just plain disgusting (I say this knowing I have done it many times). If someone is coming over, get rid of it. It doesn't matter if it's a bag of opened chips, a bowl you ate ice cream out of five days ago, or a glass of unfinished water - get it out of your room.

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Close Things

Rushing around like a maniac throwing clothes in your closet and in any drawer available? Okay, but make sure you close everything. Close every drawer, the closet, any bins you might use, etc. Again, there could be a total mess in there, but if it's closed up, no one will know - you'll just have to deal with it later.

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Open The Windows For Natural Light

Natural light can make a big difference over artificial light. You might think you want to leave the lighting dark to hide things, but that's pretty unrealistic - unless you're watching a movie. Instead, try opening up your windows and letting some natural light in.

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Add Some Flowers

Flowers make everything look prettier! If you have the time, grab some flowers and stick 'em in a pretty vase. They can make your cluttered nightstand look cool and Instagram-friendly.

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Dust What Needs To Be Dusted

A layer of dust on your TV is a telltale sign you haven't cleaned in a long time. Grab a paper towel and some Pledge, and very quickly dust anywhere that needs it. Dusting doesn't take long at all, and can really make a difference.

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Put Clothes In A Laundry Basket

You should, ideally, have a laundry basket in your room. If you don't, steal one from the laundry room in your house. Pick up all of your clothes, clean or dirty, and throw 'em in the basket. It's not the best thing to do, but if you're in a huge rush, you don't have time to fold them or hang them up. Even a stuffed laundry basket looks better than clothes as carpet.

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Stack Everything As Nice As Possible

Maybe your nightstands, dressers, and desk are cluttered full of little things. You might not have time to organize and put everything in its place, so at least stack everything as nicely as possible. Hey, it might end up looking really cool.

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How do you make your bedroom look clean when it’s messy? Which tips did I forget to add? Let me know in the comments!

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