14 Easy DIY Projects Made Of Old Magazines To Make Right Now

I used to collect magazines. I’m not sure if it started from me actually wanting to collect them, or me just being too scared to throw them out. When it comes to magazines, I just can’t justify tossing all the glossy pages in the trash when they are covered with pictures of pretty clothes and my favorite celebrities. Sure, I would only read them once, then throw them in a bin under my bed and not look at them for about a year until I decided to clean under there (that’s a long time, I know, but I am terrible at organizing things.) But eventually, it became too many magazines to handle. The bins were overflowing, and every time I would reach in there, I would get a really bad paper cut. Those are unexpectedly very painful! So I decided something had to be done with the dozens of magazines collecting dust in my room.

Surprisingly, there are so many things that you didn’t know you could do with old magazines. Magazines are essentially just really thick and glossy paper stapled together, which can be used for all types of cool crafts. There are so many types of magazines, you can literally find one for any and every topic. Some magazines have amazing pictures that can be used to decorate basically anything. You can also manipulate magazine paper in so many ways: cut, paint, staple, fold, you name it, you can do it (probably). I’ve found the cutest and most unique ways to transform those stacks of old Teen Vogue issues that you would never read again.

1. Sew together paper and magazine pages for a cute mini-notebook.



I am always filling up tiny notebooks with random ideas I have. This little notebook is so easy to make and will barely cost you anything. Write on!


2. Decorate a photo frame.



If you want to update a boring picture frame, all you have to do is is make tiny coils from old magazine pages and then glue them to a frame. These frames can be a great gift idea or cute room decoration!


3. Have a ton of fashion magazines? Make a triangle banner.



Hang some fashion photographs around your room for a cool look that is so simple to make. Just cut and hang!


4. Collage a suitcase with magazine pages.



You’ll never have to waste time looking to find your suitcase at baggage claim again. With this suitcase, you will easily stand out. You can customize your bag with different types of magazines and glue them on!


5. Create a canvas painting of your favorite quote!



This one is so cool. You just cover a canvas with magazine pages and paint everything except the letters. Adorable!


6. Try making these simple and unique gift bows.



Add this super simple bow to any gift to make it more unique and personal!


7. Customize your phone case with a collage.



So easy and cheap! Everyone will be asking you where you got it. You’ll really impress them when you say you made it!


8.  Make handmade magazine jewelry like these dangly earrings.



All you have to do is cut strips of magazine paper and roll them up, then glue! These earrings are so different and will definitely stand out.


9. …Or create these simple studs!



When you can’t afford the designer dresses from magazine pages…just cut out the pattern and make them into earrings! Such a great idea.


10. Fold easy origami flowers.



The magazine pages are sturdy enough so that your pretty flowers wont welt. Make a bunch for a paper flower bouquet!


11. Try making beads and putting together an awesome bracelet!



It seems like paper beads are everywhere these days. They are so easy can be made into anything: bracelets, necklaces, key chains. You can make whatever your magazine-loving heart can think of.


12. Create adorable wall decor for your room.



A perfect craft to make the walls of your bedroom really pop. You can even make it into a cute card for a friend or family member. They’ll love it!


13. Use more strips of magazine pages to create a bowl.



This one will take a bit of time and patience, but the outcome is totally worth it. You can use this bowl to store anything!


14. Make fun little butterfly embellishments.



I used to make these when I was little and hang them all around my room. You can string them together to make a butterfly lanyard!

Which of these fun upcycling projects have you tried? How did it turn out? Tell us in the comments!

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