Why Are There Pimples On Your Vagina?

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Lately I’ve noticed I’ve been getting pimples down there. It’s not an ingrown hair, it’s an actual pimple that I pop. Is that normal? How can I prevent it?

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Even though pimples are just clogged glands in our skin, it can feel weird and confusing when we notice them anywhere but on our face. We’re so used to talking about and seeing acne on our cheeks or T-zones that when it pops up on our back, our butt, or even our vagina, we get a little freaked out. So, is it normal to have pimples on your vagina? My first instinct was to say yes, but I wanted to be absolutely sure, so I brought this question to my friend Dr. Sherry Ross for advice – she’s from the site HelloFlo (a monthly period package you need in your life ASAP)  to see what she had to say.

According to Dr. Ross, yes, pimples down there are totally normal. Whew! She said, “A healthy vagina needs the same hygienic attention as any other part of your body. Between urine, sweat, and being so close to the anus, cleaning the vagina regularly is critical to prevent dirty bacterial buildup that leads to pimples/acne (and to avoid the offensive odors that develop throughout the day). The sweat glands and hair follicles down there are prone to dirt buildup just as any other area of the body with hair and sweat.”

Okay, so at least the fact that there isn’t anything weirdly wrong with you is good news! Now, how can you prevent acne from getting on your vagina/deal with it if it’s already there? Dr. Ross has some suggestions! She said, “If you shave your pubic hair and use a razor, laser or wax, make sure the skin is always kept clean before and after removing the hair. If you loofah the skin after any kind of hair removal, this helps prevent acne and ingrown hairs during the regrowth process. Antibacterial soaps and lotions are also helpful in protecting this delicate area against acne and rashes, but make sure they aren’t scented as that can irritate your vagina.”

Dr. Ross added, “If you use the razor, make sure you have a clean razor blade, use shaving gel or cream with warm water, apply gentle pressure, and use cream to keep the skin hydrated and clean. Avoid products containing alcohol. Lastly, never be in a rush when you have to shave the pubic hair area!” Your down there area is super sensitive, and if you want to remove the hair there, take your time. It will save your skin in the long run.

Dr. Ross also said, “Any female tool that is used on your body daily needs to be cleaned regularly. The bathroom can be a reservoir for bacteria, so it is absolutely necessary to clean or replace bathroom items weekly.” Dirty tools that you use down there could contribute to a buildup of bacteria, leading to acne.

Lastly, Dr. Ross said, “Washing your hands before touching any female related body parts or beauty tools, in addition to keeping the tools clean and replacing them appropriately, is your best bet to keeping your skin down south looking healthy, fresh, and free of acne!” There you have it, girl – keep everything clean, shower and wash regularly, and don’t stress. Your pimples on your vagina are normal and can easily be prevented. Good luck!

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