13 Reasons You Definitely Shouldn’t Wear Underwear This Summer

One of my best friends recently encouraged me to stop wearing underwear – and I immediately knew I had to share the info with you guys. She had just become a spin instructor, and I was complaining about how uncomfortable it is for your vagina to spin… or to work out, in general. She’s a trainer, so she works with all sorts of sweaty bodies doing all sorts of sweat-inducing things all day. Girl knows what’s up! So when she suggested that I stop wearing underwear when I exercise, I listened… and lo and behold, it has changed the game. And I’m not just talking about in terms of exercise – I’ve started going commando a lot more in my life, and it’s been awesome. Especially with summer coming, you’re going to be thankful you made the move to the panties-free life (at least for some occasions).

Summer has many of the same trappings of exercise: it makes your vagina sweaty and you have to lounge around in your icky clothes for longer than you’d like, leading to an increased risk for vaginal infection and irritation. Not okay. Summer is all about being carefree, having fun with your friends, and carving out some time to relax. How are you going to do that and manage a weird ass yeast infection from your yoga pants? Stop wearing yoga pants? Yeah right. I know we’re taught from when we’re very little that underwear is super important and that it keeps your body healthy, which is true to an extent. When you have your period or are wearing a short dress or skirt (think risk of bare vag on public transit), it’s probably best to wear a layer there, but even then, that’s only if you feel like it.

We all know that bras are weird and restrictive, so can we all be real about how awkward your underwear can be sometimes? If you’ve never gone for a run wearing underwear, then let me tell you: it’s very uncomfortable. Summer is about to make your vagina go through some weird stuff, so  it’s in your best interest to protect it by just letting it do it’s thing. It’s totally safe and not weird at all, I promise. Here are 13 reasons you shouldn’t wear underwear this summer.

1) Moisture wicking activewear dries faster than cotton undies.

Think about it: that fabric is designed to wick sweat away from the rest of your body when you work out. The fabric of most underwear takes longer to get rid of sweat than the rest of your activewear, and lingering sweat can easily lead to an infection. Remove the underwear, and let your athleisure do its job.


2) Chronic swamp ass evaporates in an instant without underwear.

BYE, SWEATY BUTT. See ya never! We all hate that feeling and it’s your underwear’s fault for holding that sweat so close to your body for entirely too long.


3) It keeps you cool.

That uncomfortably hot feeling? Not sexy. It’s like you have gym-vag constantly.


4) There’s less bacteria.

Hot, moist environments are perfect spots for yeast and bacteria to start growing and multiplying. If there’s no underwear, it’s harder to get that spot (unless you have no underwear on while wearing jeans and you start sweating).


5) You should let it breathe.

Easy, breezy, beautiful. Keeping everything well ventilated is going to be key in the summer.


6) You’ll smell less.

A vagina will always smell (and taste) like vagina, but there’s no denying that going commando decreases the um…  pungency. The extra air allows your vag to breathe, cuts down on bacteria, and then cuts down on the smell.



PRAISE. Imagine wearing a tight skirt or pants and not worrying about whether or not your thong is going to stick out the top or your bikini style is totally obvious. Glorious.


8) No more weird wedgies.

Picking thongs out of your butt crack, underwear bunching up in your butt – god forbid your underwear start riding up in the front. If you’re not wearing underwear, you don’t need to worry about any of that!


9) There’s no underwear sticking out of your pants.

Bane of my existence.


10) It saves money.

You’re supposed to replace underwear quite often if you wear it all the time. But if you get less wear out of it, it lasts longer. This means you can keep it longer, and cut down on your underwear shopping. Excellent!


11) It makes public peeing so much easier.

We’ve all popped a squat from time to time. Don’t pretend that most of those times aren’t in the summer. If it hasn’t happened to you already, it’s about to. Sometimes a girl just needs to squat down and pee when she’s out and can’t find a proper bathroom. One less layer, right?


12) It’s a fun secret.

Tee hee, no one knows you’re not wearing any underwear.


13) You are no longer prisoner to laundry day.

Oh, the eternal hell of having no underwear and having to wash all of your clothes because of it. Um, how about not? It’s the summer, who’s got time for that? Not you.


Would you ever go commando? Are you thinking about trying it this summer? What about when you work out? Let us know how it goes in the comments!

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