12 Things That Happen When You Spend All Of Your Time With Your Best Friend

It only makes sense that we spend a good chunk of our free time with our best friends. If you didn’t like hanging out with your best friend, she probably wouldn’t be your bestie, right? I couldn’t imagine calling someone my BFF if I would  rather be hanging out with other people or doing something else. Part of the reason the two of you are true best friends is that no matter how much time you spend with each other, you never tire of either other’s company. You never, ever run out of things to do or say, and there is always something to laugh about. But spending almost all of your time with your bestie comes with certain situations… and you’ll only know what I mean if you’ve been there.

It’s officially summer, which means you will be able to spend even more time with your bestie than you did before. Hooray! If you thought that that the two of you were super close before, you may find that your bond becomes even tighter when you’re basically around each other 24/7. If you thought you were honest with each other about stuff before, you will realize that now you can be your most vulnerable, open and sometimes disgusting self, and your best friend is totally cool with that. In fact, she will probably end up being exactly like you.

Check out all of the things that happen when you’re spending all of your time with your BFF:

1. You begin to finish each other’s…sentences.spending-all-your-time-with-your-best-friend-0

99.99 percent of the time, you can predict what your BFF is going to say. It doesn’t matter what the conversation is about. And unlike couples who finish each others sentences, you think it’s cute when you and your BFF do it.


2. And a lot of the time you can just look at your best friend and know exactly what she is going to say, before she does.spending-all-your-time-with-your-best-friend-22

When your friend raises her eyebrows in a certain way, you know precisely what she is thinking. It’s the reason why a lot of your talks are filled with moments of silence followed by side-splitting laughter.


3. You and your BFF have no clue who actually owns anything.spending-all-your-time-with-your-best-friend-3

You share a lot of things with your bestie, and someone is always bringing something to the other person’s house. It has gotten to the point where you both have no clue who actually owns that sweater, that hairbrush, that bag, those socks, and that bottle of Tylenol.


4. You know your best friend’s place as well, if not better, than your own.spending-all-your-time-with-your-best-friend-4

You’re not technically living at your best friend’s place, but you might as well be. You spend most of your time there. If she has misplaced something, you can almost always tell her where it is. You even know where she keeps random items like extra paper towels, thumb tacks and even mousetraps.


5. Nothing is off-limits. Nothing.spending-all-your-time-with-your-best-friend-5

When you spend almost every waking minute with someone, you develop a special kind of bond and feel you can discuss–and do–almost anything. Share a lipstick? Sure. Fart? Definitely. Pop a pimple for her? Yup.


6. You start to look like you are twins.spending-all-your-time-with-your-best-friend-6

You know how Taylor Swift and her squad all dress the same? You and your BFF take it to a whole new level. Not only do you own a lot of the same pieces, you also are constantly swapping things. However, it doesn’t stop there. Oh, no. You also do your makeup in similar ways and you both like the same hairstyles. #twinning


7. You’re also convinced that you’ve started to sound more alike too.spending-all-your-time-with-your-best-friend-7

Not only do you use all of the same phrases, but you are also sure that your voice has changed so it sounds more like your friend’s. Or maybe hers has changed to sound more like yours? You don’t know exactly which it is, but you know it’s happened. It’s the reason why everyone is always getting you mixed up on the phone.


8. There is no such thing as being embarrassed in front of your best friend.spending-all-your-time-with-your-best-friend-8

Yeah, there are a lot of gross things things that you and your best friend do together, and you’re not bothered by it at all. Your “regular” friends would probably be a bit repulsed by them, but it doesn’t matter to the two of you. In fact, you would think it would be a bit weird if you didn’t do them.


9. Your conversations have so many inside jokes that other people would have no freaking clue what you’re talking about.spending-all-your-time-with-your-best-friend-9

Watermelon. Doug. Banana jamming. haha These are just a few of the thousands of jokes that you and your bestie bring up in daily conversations. Just saying the words can send you into hysterics. The rest of your friends just give you blank looks and wonder why the heck you two are dying of laughter.


10. During the rare times when you are not together, you’re constantly in touch.spending-all-your-time-with-your-best-friend-10

You’ll be the first to admit that you’re never without your best friend. When she’s not over at your place, you are always on Snapchat, or you’re sending so many texts back and forth that your fingers are starting to cramp. That’s why she usually just ends up coming over.


11. You can name the most random facts about your BFF.spending-all-your-time-with-your-best-friend-111

If there was ever a game show about how well you know your best friend, you would take away the million dollar prize, hands down. You obviously know how your friend takes her coffee (milk with two sugars), but you also know what she would order off of any menu. Plus, you can rhyme off her bank card number, how old she was when she lost her first tooth and what her third favorite color is. And you’re just getting started.


12. You basically have your own secret language.spending-all-your-time-with-your-best-friend-12

Between all of the inside jokes, knowing looks, short forms, hand symbols and nicknames you’ve created for everyone you know, you and your bestie can have an entire conversation that the rest of the population would not be able to follow.


Is there anything else that you and your best friend do after spending lots of time together? Let us know in the comments!

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