15 Little Signs You’re Way Too Entitled

There’s nothing wrong with being confident, working hard, and believing in yourself. We encourage all of our readers to believe that they deserve everything they want in life. But there’s a difference between self-confidence and entitlement, and there’s everything wrong with being so entitled that people can’t stand to be around you. Entitled behavior makes you seem rude, ungrateful, aggressive, and snobby. It can also make you seem ignorant in certain situations. Some people don’t care how they’re perceived as long as they get what they want… in which case, this article may definitely be about you. There are some telltale signs that you’re way too entitled, and it’s important to know waht they are.

Being entitled means feeling and acting like you have the right to something(s) for no real reason. For example: an entitled person feels they deserve the job they want – they feel that way so much that they don’t actually do any work to get there, they just expect it to come to them. No one wants to admit that they’re entitled because no one likes to admit that their behavior is problematic. But this kind of belief can lead someone to be lazy, selfish, and disliked by others. These signs that you’re way too entitled should be taken seriously – and if you find yourself relating to most of them, you might need to do some work to change your mindset. 

1) You’re rude to everyone who isn’t doing a *perfect* job of serving you.

This includes waiters, housecleaners, or anyone you pay for a service. If you get furious when one thing goes wrong or if they don’t put all of their attention on you 100 percent of the time, you need to chill.


2) You think any mild inconvenience is a personal attack.

Slow restaurant service, traffic, no wifi or cell signal? Personal and definitely about you. Did they not know you were coming? They could’ve stepped up their wifi game. What do you *mean* only customers can pee at this Starbucks, I really have to goooooo!


3) You make your friends work around your schedule.

With zero room for compromise. Your way or the highway.


4) Then you flake on them constantly.

Lol you’re sick or whatever.


5) You’re the sorest loser.

If you can’t win by a landslide, why bother playing? You get really hurt when you aren’t allowed to bend the rules in your favor.


6) You’re a blame shifter.

It’s not your fault you messed up, it’s this other person or larger outside force that’s making you late all the time. Nothing could ever be your fault because you’re perfect.


7) You are above *some* of the rules.

Of course everyone else has to start at the bottom, but you should be able to get a high level job right out of school, right? Most rules apply to everyone. Thankfully, you’re not everyone.


8) You expect everyone around you to go out of their way to do you a favor.

Tbh, you’re low-key the worst in group projects too, probably.


9) Especially your teachers.

Why can’t you do extra credit? Don’t they know you’re an honor roll person, never mind if your grades actually reflect that. You’re so good, why can’t they make an exception? Gross.


10) And you act really inconvenienced when you help other people.

Ugh, if you do manage to help a friend at all, you complain the entire freaking time.


11) You don’t think anyone should be offended or upset by you.

The person you’re making fun of either deserved it or they should stop being so sensitive and grow a sense of humor. It was just a joke lololol.


12) You call dibbs on people you want to date.

Never mind what they want or who they’re attracted to – you’ve called dibbs on this person and announced it to your friends, so they’re basically your property like that’s an acceptable thing to do or think about a person.


13) You guilt people into attention or affection.

You can guilt trip anyone into giving you what you want and most of what you want is constant validation.


14) You have a really hard time dealing with the word no.

Does not compute.


15) You want special treatment for being a decent human.

You’re so nice that you deserve all of the goodness in the world. Except for the fact that being a decent human being is the base level where everyone should start. You don’t get special gold stars for not being a jerk. In fact, wanting special gold stars and accolades for doing the bare minimum is basically what entitlement is all about.

Are you entitled? Do you have a friend who acts super entitled? What do they do? Let us know in the comments!

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  • Elaine Peters

    lol learning some more about myself. guess i wasn’t the perfect special princess I always believed I was x)