8 Real Girls Discuss If Craving Semen Is Normal

Here at Gurl, we like to talk about sex. How to do it, when to do it, when NOT to do it… you name it, we’ve written about it. We also like to weigh in on some of your craziest sex questions that you might not want to ask someone about IRL, for example: is it normal to crave semen? User SueAnn posed this question on our message boards. She wrote, “I am 17 and have been sexually active for two years with the same boyfriend, my only partner. I crave his semen most of the time we are together. It doesn’t matter where he wants to ejaculate. Am I a normal female?”

Well, I will say one thing: there isn’t really a ‘normal’ when it comes to sex. Everybody is different and has different experiences. When it comes to semen, a lot of different things can happen. It can get messy. It can get sticky. Some people like it, some people don’t. And both feelings are normal! Semen is a strange and complex bodily fluid. Some people use it for facials (seriously). Other studies show that there are actually health benefits from spermBut can you crave it? The same way you crave coffee when you wake up at 6 AM for school? Some girls from our boards weighed in with their own experiences with if they think it’s okay to crave semen and why. Check out what they said!

Turned On By It

Hailysd said, "I think that's the normal. I certainly get turned on by the thought of sperm inside me."

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SweetTayla said, "You're normal, the first time l made a guy cum with a handjob got me hooked. l'm not sure what the bigger turn on is though, actually seeing a penis spurting or knowing l can make it do it?"

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Sperm Fantasies

Beth Annr said, "I'm a virgin and never did anything but I have fantasies of doing things with a boy and his sperm. So I can totally relate to you , so your perfectly normal in my opinion."

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It's Sexy

PrincessPeaches said, "There is something sexy and dirty about him cumming inside me."

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Love It!

danabloomquist3 said,"He's putting a part of himself inside of you and also I think the fact that you can get pregnant from it. Even if you are on the pill the thought of it. I love cum."

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Fun And Dirty

erin8042 said, "It's more of the fun of being able to get a guy off than the actual cum. It does feel really dirty to find cum in your panties, but that is also fun at the same time."

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Seeing Is Believing

fitnxgrl said, "Personally I like the seeing semen coming out of a guy especially when a guy is ejaculating, it can be in person or online videos, its a turn on for me."

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Crave It While Dating

Shellyb said, "I am single atm so I don't feel this about any particular guy but when I am dating a guy like, yes I crave it."

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Do you think craving semen is normal? What is your crazy sex story? Chat with other real girls on our boards!

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