20 Magical Ways To Decorate Your Room With String Lights

String lights are a classic dorm room decoration – and for good reason! They’re festive and romantic, and they give a little light without making a lot of holes in the wall. They can be a great alternative to harsh lighting that may have come with your room (because, let’s be real, no one looks good under a florescent light). Plus, they’re the ultimate feminine/manic pixi dream girl decoration. You’ll feel a bit like you live in an enchanted fairy forest when you put on your string lights. But also, it makes the perfect environment for a make-out session or for chilling out after a long, stressful day.

When decorating with string lights, it can be difficult to make sure that they don’t end up looking cheap or like you were just using some leftover Christmas decorations. “Well, December is over. We can’t just throw these nice lights away- let’s keep ’em up!” SMH. To avoid looking like you forgot to take down your holiday decor, stay away from the large utility lights with thick strings and opt for fairy lights or globes. Try to be deliberate about how you hang your lights (don’t just throw them up against the wall). Keep them to one specific area of your room.

If you’re looking to add some drama to your room with string lights, here are a few ideas:

1. Over your desk


This won’t help with extra light, but it will make your desk look quite inviting.

2. As a way to hang pictures

Two awesome things in one: twinkly lights and photos. What could be more magical? Make your own, or buy them: Urban Outfitters sells light strings with picture clips already on them!

3. In a clear vase or ternanium

Buy a battery-powered string of lights and illuminate any glass container. So pretty, especially if you have the extra room.

4. Around a mirror

This will give you the best mirror selfies of all time.

5. On your headboard

How romantic is this? Don’t you just want to make out with your crush here?

6. Through a wire headboard


If possible, this one is even cooler.

7. On a wire memo board

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Because organizing should be pretty.

8. In front of your window

Star shaped lights never go out of style.

9. As a makeshift lamp

Okay, tbh, this does not seem practical, but it’s still cool.

10. Along the corner of your room


The perfect night light!

11. Along the top of your walls



12. Around a woven tapestry or dreamcatcher

How very boho of you!

13. Wrapped around a branch

Hi, excuse me, do you live in a Free People store? If so, this is perfect.

14. Strung across the room

Classic, simple, looks great. You can’t go wrong!

15. On a wooden ladder

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I mean, why not?

16. Layered in front of a tapestry


Okay, this is so inviting it’s ridiculous.

17. Behind sheer curtains.

You LITERALLY will live in a dream world.

18. Around a bed frame

This will make even your ugly dorm beds look better.

19. Around one smaller wall


20. Highlighting a photo wall

Yes girl! Get creative!

Would you ever decorate with string lights? Let me know in the comments below.

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