10 Ways Being Single Is Different For Guys Than For Girls

The internet, having brought us Netflix, YouTube, and online porn, is objectively a very good thing. It is important and vital, even, considering that most of the things we do ona  day-to-day-basis simply would not be possible without it. But, if you were to over-simplify things on a massive scale (one of my favorite things to do), you could say that the internet, in many ways, is basically just a hub for single people. Everything that feels synonymous with online culture–such as, say, Netflix, YouTube, and internet porn–also feels synonymous with people who don’t happen to have any romantic connections.

It’s not surprising, then, that the ‘net also contains  a lot of articles about being single. One notable thing about them?  They’re almost always written by women. Girls on a variety of publications (including, uh, this one) write about why being single is fun, but also sucks, but, mostly is fun, actually. But it’s pretty rare to see guys writing about the struggles of being single. Of course, gender-based double standards aren’t exactly anything new. But, still, it’s pretty interesting when you consider the differences between the single life for guys and girls. Some are good, some are bad. Check out these ways that being single is different for guys than it is for girls:

1. Being single = saving money.


NOT TO GET ALL SUPER HETERO-NORMATIVE GENDER NORMS HERE, but since the cultural expectation i. Being single, then, means they get to save money. (Or, at the very least, just spend money on themselves.)


2. Being single = lots and lots of S-E-X.


Ever watch a movie about single guy? Yeah. They, uh, get a lot of action, as opposed to single women, who are usually portrayed as eating ice cream and weeping 24/7 (compare something like Hitch with, say, Bridget Jones’ Diary). Obviously, movies don’t always to correspond to real life, but the fact that this is the cultural expectation shows a lot about how the perception of being single varies so much between guys and girls.


3. Being single = lots more available girls.


Statistically, this is true. A study done last year revealed that there are a lot more single, “dateable” women than there are men, since for every four college-educated women, there are three college-educated men. Good for guys. Not so great for girls.


4. Being single = ~freedom~


Perhaps as a result of the previous three factors, for guys, being single is often viewed as a time being unshackled from commitments and entanglements, while girls are supposed to get wifed up again ASAP.


5. Being single = No one to talk to about “soft” things.


It often seems as though, for most guys, talking about anything of a “sensitive” nature is strictly reserved for their S.O., whereas girls talk more to their friends about random feelings and emotions.  So, for guys, being single means having a lot more bottle-up emotions.


6. Being single = Not being able to go to school dances.


Here’s a plus for girls! It’s much more common for groups of girls to go to school dances solo, while a group of stag guys isn’t so widely accepted. So, most of them will either go with a date or skip a dance altogether.


7. Being single = no required body maintenance.


Girls tend to work on “self improvement,” both physical and mental, when they’re newly single. Guys–based on my own personal, anecdotal experience–don’t do this, like, at all. They play video games. They eat chicken wings.


8. Being single = no particular feelings about Valentine’s Day.


Valentine’s Day, for single girls, is–typically, culturally,  though not absolutely, etc.–viewed as a doomsday, while single guys, on the whole, don’t really seem to care about it.


9. Being single = no mourning period.


Girls get to–and, in fact, are expected to–eat ice cream and be sad after a breakup! Guys, while they certainly can do this (and probably do) don’t really get the representation that girls get.


10. Being single = really open about masturbation:


Still, while they don’t get the requisite ice-cream-and-rom-coms treatment, guys tend to talk a lot more about the online porn they consume after a breakup.

What do you think of these difference? Are there any that I missed? Let us know in the comments!

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