17 Of The Best Tweets Ever About Being Messy AF

One of my very favorite things about being alive in the year of our lord 2016 is being able to see how certain words have taken on entirely new meanings. Of course, this could be said about any year, since slang has always existed–when “bee’s knees” became a way of referring to someone’s positive attributes as opposed to, you know, the literal knees of a bee, I am sure that it rattled all the good people of 1924–but, while I could be biased, I really feel that 2016 slang is the best. “Curve” does not mean a slightly wavering line anymore, for example. It means the act of rejecting someone, in the politest way possible, usually by text message. “Lurk” does not just mean lingering in an IRL location–rather, it refers to dwelling on someone’s social media page and finding out information you definitely didn’t want.

Obviously, these words are not so different from what they meant before, but that’s not the point. Slang has evolved to be a pure means of convenience, rather than opacity, so one could use a variety of context clues to figure them out. Anyway, one of my favorite new terms is, of course, “messy.” Messy sill means what it did before –untidy or dirty and/or confused and difficult to deal with–but it also refers to an entire state of being. See below:

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Basically, it means being totally out of control, passionate about instigating drama, and absolutely not possessing the ability to mind your own damn business. But, like, in a good way. So, check out the best tweets about being messy AF–using the 2016 definition, of course:

1. Being messy means empathizing with the most-hated characters on TV, simply because you share similar qualities of Mess:


2. The mouse who wanted a cookie was absolutely a MBWLFD:

(Messy Bitch Who Lives For Drama)

3. If ever given an entourage, you’d want it to be as messy as you:


4. Same:


5. You repurpose iconic movie quotes to fit your own messy needs:


6. You might be so messy, in fact, that you can’t even really put it into words:


7. You bring drama with you wherever you go:


8. And you absolutely refuse to be shamed for it:


9. In fact, you make sure everyone is aware of it:


10. This is your mantra:


11. You would literally do this:


12. To you, this seems like a perfectly reasonable thing to do:


13. No one can control your mess:


14. Not even yourself:


15. You “date,” but only for the screenshots:


16. And the stories:


17. And, finally, you have no time for gender assignments. All you know is Mess:

What do you think about these tweets? Which was your fave? Let us know in the comments!

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