14 Relationship Goals That Are Actually Abusive

At this point, I think that most of us have turned against the concept of relationship goals. The main issue, I think, is that relationship goals show a very small part of a relationship–you know, with the giant teddy bears,  chin-kissing, and leaving lone Pringles on their lovers’ doorsteps–and allow that small piece to speak for the relationship as a whole. We did a post a while back about things in relationships that are often perceived as being cute, but, in reality, are pretty abusive. These are things like sending overly-protective texts when one partner’s going out for the night, or cutting off arguments with kisses–things that don’t automatically signify abuse, and can certainly be cute in small doses, but don’t really make for the most healthy relationship overall.

Obviously, you can’t really make overarching statements and judgments about relationships based on a single photo or sound byte, so it’s not really fair to label a relationship based off one definitive thing without really knowing that much about it. But, if you think about it, this is the same logic that the entire concept of relationship goals lies on, anyway. so, let’s turn the concept on its head, shall we? Check out these relationship goals that might actually be abusive:

1. Sending a “come outside” text that ends with “I don’t care what you say:”

Don’t make your girlfriend think there’s something seriously wrong if all you want to do is hang out with them!


2. Making your fiancee wear clown noses to evade an argument:


3. Deciding that being a girlfriend gives you the right to call yourself a “psycho:”

Not a good look. (Or relationship, for that matter!!)

4. Being really possessive:


5. So possessive that you’re open about the fact that you will literally draw and quarter any girl who likes any of their Instagrams:


6. And you won’t let them leave you for one second:


7. Like this:

Don’t do it.

8. Acting like a baby to get bae to pay attention to you:


Bad for both of you, tbh.

9. Aspiring for a JFK/Jackie O. realtionship:


Aesthetically, yes–a very pleasing couple. But he cheated on her a lot a lot a lot.

10. And Daisy and Gatsby:

You, uh, read the book, right?

11. Not letting them leave your sight for, like, a second:


Breathing room! It’s important!

12. Giving gifts with very clearly defined strings attached:

Giving someone Gucci slides is an inforgivable act in and of itself, tbh.

13. Implying that your SO’s baby is similar to a baseball–you know, in that you think it’s appropriate to hit:


14. And, finally, making a contract on how, exactly, your boyfriend is meant to act around “hoes:”


What do you think of these relationship goals? Let us know in the comments!

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